If you made lose, don't be afraid of it.
If you lost the direction in market, I would highly recommend you to buy the indicator of Lighthouse. you will find your way.
forexferrari 2019.01.28
Hello Sunnychow,
As i am often reading the reviews of mql5 renters/ customers, i have notices your avatar appear a few time, and with sound suggestions. That has led me to arrive here and read the below recommended products. I appreciate your advice and direction towards those indicators mentioned below. (Which I have clicked 'liked')

I do have Bernhards, ACS28 & his dashboard. I have not yet compiled a sound tragedy with them both, but still practicing, and trying to make a complimentary way of trading them.
I am considering the lighthouse to provide additional guidance, and also the Cosmic Divdine for larger time frame entries.

Any suggestions on 30+ TF entries that your having success with or a combination of whats working and how will truly be appreciated.
We are all students here and learning is forever i believe.
I will give feedback and my experience and share with you as time professes as well.

Bless you.
ElisaP 2019.02.16
I do not understand why spend 99 to see support and resistance
I go in h4 or day and immediately I can see better R&S that Lighthouse
Do you wanna win the forex, then you should buy useful indicator in market
eg. Cosmic Divine trend entry. FX Trend, power., Advance Currency strength 28,
These are for all beginner
Chua Wee Kiat
Chua Wee Kiat 2019.05.10
how about the Currency Force?still confuser with it.
mohammed fathy
mohammed fathy 2020.02.28
How to use currency strength please help i couldnot make it work it needs to download history and when i try to do so the metatrader says no new history for that pair
Could you helpme or tell how to use it