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Million Idea




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  • Million Idea (MI) EA works based on Multiple Strategies for highest quality signals
  • MI system is a fully automated expert advisor, works on multiple currency pairs
  • Supports Multi Timeframe (MTF). For example, MI uses MTF Confirmations to get qualified signals. Traders can customize their preferred Timeframes
  • Adds support for traders to create their own Multiple Strategies combination from the available strategies
  • Supports Multiple Strategies Moving Averages (Exponential, Linear Weighted, Simple, Smoothed), Parabolic SAR Average Directional Index, Relative Strength Index, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Kumo, Kijun-Sen, Tenkan-Sen), ZigZag, Breakout
  • Highly customizable EA supports optimization based on custom settings (set files). For this reason, we have Pre-Ready set files which have proven results. Set files are available here at Telegram group. Please be sure to subscribe to our Telegram group, where we are always updating the latest high profitable set files
  • Goal of MI system is to have more profitable trades with high winning trades with lowest possible DD
  • Supports sessions-based trading. We believe some strategies depends on certain sessions. For this reason, the system is enabled to support Asian, Europa, America sessions as optional
  • Supports manual transactions
  • Currently supported currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD
  • Currently supported metals XAGUSD
🏆 Future versions will be available with more powerful indicators-based strategies like Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci etc., at free of cost for purchased customers 🏆

BackTests are done with 99.90% Highest Modeling Quality

Message me here and get recommended set file 


  • Highest Profitable winning trades can be achieved using multiple strategies combination or single
  • Market is dynamic, so we made the MI system dynamic enough. Meaning, with qualified set files we are fine-tuning the EA for you as needed and sharing them through our Telegram Channel
  • RSI and ADX are used to calculate the market volatility
  • Each trade is protected with Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Supports Money Management and Risk-Reward feature for highest profitable trades as optional
  • The strategies have been successfully tested and the system supports Millions of possible idea combinations
Strategy MTF Support Session Support Trend Filter Support
Moving Averages

Parabolic SAR  
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo  

Complete EA Description can be found here on https://bigprofit-ea.com/

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to SET files! In order to get proper results, you have to set it correctly according to the recommended currency pair with time-frame.

We are always fine-tuning the EA with best set files. All the available best set files can be found on our Telegram Channel. We highly recommend using the same set files

Recommended ECN Broker with LOW COMMISSION 

Leverage 1:1 Fixed Lot Set Files

Leverage 1:500 Risk Based Set Files

Minimum Deposit $100

Recommended to use a VPS Server with Fast Connection

⚠️ I Sell My Expert Advisors only on MQL5.com. If you see my advisors are on sale on other resources, they sell a fake. ⚠️

レビュー 20
SXMTrader 2020.11.02 09:35 

Great EA and great support. You have to join the telegram group. You also can ask for setfiles depending on your account balance. Dhanaraj is very helpful!!!

mih 2020.10.19 11:50 

i have it on demo, its looking good with fixed setting. it does not trade very often though. Seller is very approachable.

Dimas 2020.10.18 14:39 

So far EA shows profit in 1 month with fixed lot settings! Soon I'll turn it on real account

2 copy of 10 left at this price.  Next 10 copies $549. Arda is a trading Expert Advisor based on the dissonance of technical indicators  and price patterns. Support: https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/TrendHunter The Expert Advisor was tested on real historical data of EURUSD, GBPUSD and XAUUSD (Gold). You can download a demo version of any program (for example, tickstory - there is a free version) that provides quotes with 99.9% quality and check it yourself. The trading strategy does not co
449 USD
MHA Local Trade Copier It's an EA to copy trade from one MT4 account to another MT4 account. Also you can copy trades from single master account to multiple slave accounts. Only you should run master and slave accounts at same PC or VPS. Master account could use main password or investor password, but slave accounts needs to login by main password. Using this copier you can copy trades between different brokers with different symbol suffix. For example if broker of master account has EUR
70 USD
GerFX Momentum Capture EA
Exler Consulting GmbH
3.67 (3)
Before you buy this EA, please be aware that: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore do not give a realistic prediction of future profitability. The EA tries to detect the start of a new trend after bank events and speeches. It has multi-currency and multi-timeframe capabilities. After detecting strong price action and momentum, it wi
600 USD
GMMA Trade X is an EA based on GMMA. GMMA parameters such as MovingAveragePeriod1-24, MovingAverageMAShift1-24, MovingAverageShift1-24 and CandlestickShift1-24 can be adjusted. GMMA Trade X applies BTN TECHNOLOGY's state-of-the-art intelligent technology to help you create optimal results for your trades. May your dreams come true through GMMA Trade X. Good luck. = == == Inquiries = == == E-Mail:support@btntechfx.com
30 USD
AutoTraderEA Description As the name says, this is an autotrading robot.   It trades on H1 timeframe.  It looks for clear trades, and is very accurate, yet still will take a couple of trades per week. Otherwise losses are minimised through a 130 pip StopLoss which can be modified. AutoTrader gives the user the ability to choose whether to keep trading volumes the same or change in direct proportion to the change in the account equity.   The EA has been backtested only on the EURUSD pair over a
450 USD
Vadim Podoprigora
Forest is a Trend Expert Advisor based on the analysis of a unique mathematical model of trend lines, which allows you to determine the trend movement. The Expert Advisor is most suitable for the currency pair "USDCHF" on period "H1". The EA can work on any type of accounts, and with any brokers. The EA uses mathematical analysis to open trades and applies loss control to open trades. At its core, the EA does not use any risky systems with the increase in the volume or increase in the number of
1 000 USD
Sleep Monster FX EA is a  forex pair  trading expert advisor based on a  strong scalping strategy  in the night when the market volume is low combined with a  strong trade management and execution system. Trading Strategy Sleep Monster FX EA    trades   GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD AND USDCAD   using only   pending orders.   It starts putting pending orders on specific times  with proper Stop Loss   and   Hidden Profit Booking mechanism  when the scalping strategy probability is the highest, it uses
599 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
Dangal is trend trading using indicators and levels. The expert system goes through the whole history and can work with several currency pairs (GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD) with a single setting. If there is a commission on the account, it must be recalculated into the equivalent of the spread and fill in the MaxSpread field, taking into account the Wednesday and the commission. The Expert Advisor can be launched on any hourly period, but it works with the H1 period. You can start using it
160 USD
The EA generates signals about changes in the trend. Signals can be generated using different RSI-based strategies. When a position is opened, it is equipped with a take profit and a stop loss. If the position becomes profitable, a dynamic stop loss based on the specified values (TrailingStep and DistanceStep) is set for it and constantly trailed. This allows you to always close positions in profit. Parameters Main Settings LotSize = 0.01 - fixed position volume. LotAutoSize = false - enable d
340 USD
Advisor for a constant stable income with minimal risk. "New Stable Profit AUDCAD" Advisor works on real accounts since 2017. Trading is based on trend correction movements, positions are opened based on the strength of the trend and trading volumes according to the author's formula. Position series have a common take profit, which is based on the statistics of corrective movements of this trading instrument. When important economic news is released, it is recommended to disconnect the ad
375 USD
Bernard Situmeang
1 (3)
XaulityFX uses an Advanced-Smart Breakout System for Scalping analyses the market conditions. This unique feature allows XaulityFX  to maximize your profits and minimize the drawdown. All trading instan orders opened are assigned individual stoploss levels and will be managed by Advanced TrailingStop. XaulityFX has great Scalper assortment of Smart & Safety Trading, for long period of development which make profitable strategy over a long period of trading. XaulityFX is an Advanced-Smart Bre
500 USD
MA Head and Grid
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
For more tools  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mbedzimz1/seller#!category=2 Gridingale   is a new complex  Expert Advisor   that combines   grid   and   martingale . It will create an order grid according to the settings but also add a martingale on it. So it will take   profits   on little and big   movements .  A   loss covering system   is integrated to allow the recovery of orders that are too distant from the current price. It is possible to filter the opening of a new cycle with an
50 USD
H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper is a trend signal scalper The EA trades according to the trend strategy using original built-in indicator for opening and closing orders. The external inputs for limiting trading on Fridays and Mondays are available. The purpose of the strategy is to use the current trend with the most benefit. According to the results of testing and working on demo and real accounts, the best results achieved by using the Н4 timeframe on the GBP/USD pair Works on MetaTrader 4 Build 971+
149 USD
Invesard GBPUSD
Lorenz Vauck
3.08 (26)
投資家の皆さん ドイツのLorenz Vauck(多くの方にはgeektraderとして知られています)と申します。私は2008年からフルタイムのシステム開発者をしており、過去13年間に何千もの取引システムを開発してきました。ストラテジーを立てるときの私の主な目標は、長期的な成長です。私のすべてのシステムは、少なくとも35年のバックテスト(Olsen Dataのデータを使用)、見えない銘柄のサンプル外検証、さまざまなデータフィードのモンテカルロシミュレーション、スリッページ、およびスプレッドの増加に関して、厳格な基準に合格する必要があります。これらすべての基準に合格した最新のシステムは「Invesard GBPUSD」と呼ばれます。 これは、 長期的な成長に焦点を当ててGBPUSDH1を取引します。 一度に1つの取引を開始し、マーチンゲールもグリッドまたは「回復」方法も使用しません。すべての取引にはストップロスがあります。 1986年以来、負けた年はありませんでした。 35年間(1986年から2021年)に高い安定性をもってバックテストを行う、公開市場で唯一のEAです。 99.52%の
497 USD
Trade like a Professor is an Gold Scalping Strategy. There is no such thing as a dead end trading strategy; Traders can only make long term profits if they can overcome the dead spots. - TIME FRAME: 1 HOUR - MINIMUM DEPOSIT: 500$ - ACCOUNT TYPE: ECN EA DOESN'T USE GRID OR MARTINGALE, You can set it is a Grid if you want. EA use TP, SL, Trailing SL, Automatic Lot size The EA works based on opening an order using an indicator, the EA follows the technical “Trend Follow”, which means it follow
999 USD
The MelBar HedgeScalper FinTech RoboTrader MAXIMUM LOTSIZE : 100 Lots (US$10,000,000) per TRADE/POSITION FULLY TRIED, TESTED, PROVEN & VERIFIED ON A REAL LIVE TRADING ACCOUNT! TRY OUT THE DEMO! The Experienced Trader & Global Money Manager Version. 89% Trade Winning Percentage. 32.679% Profit Gain or ROI in 2 Trading Days. Profit Factor 3.59 Average Trade Length 1h 22m. The MelBar HedgeScalper FinTech RoboTrader is easy to use. Has the Advantage of Retiring Unnecessary "Debt
900 USD
Monkey EA is fully automatic Expert Advisor for trading on GBPUSD . It based on Exponential Moving Average and Bollinger Bands. Monkey EA has been tested from year 2003 to March 2021 . You can download the demo and test it yourself. My test used the real tick data with 99,90% accuracy. I made Monte Carlo test with 200 simulations used too. Monkey EA offers hight profit factor  and small drawndown . All trades are covers by TakeProfit  and StopLoss ! Doesn't use Martingale or other dangerous star
49 USD
RoundLock EA
Alexander Nechaev
4.5 (2)
The EA opens two bidirectional orders. When one of them is closed in profit, two orders are reopened, the volume of orders increases depending on the volume of multiplication and the number of orders opened by the advisor. In each new open pair, orders are opened with equal volume, locking each other. The opening of pairs continues until the number of orders of the same type reaches the number of Limit_for_orders, then the EA will only increase the grid, excluding locking. MT5 version ->  HER
145 USD
スキャルピングトレーディングロボット。 EAはトレンドの安定した方向を監視し、その方向に働きます。 アドバイザの最大限に最適化されたコードにより、最小限の遅延と最小限の端末負荷で作業できます。 Expert Advisorは、2015年以降、基本設定で正常にテストされています。 EURUSDおよびGBPUSD取引商品(プレフィックスとポストフィックスを含む)の基本設定、時間枠5分を使用することをお勧めします。 スプレッドが低く、手数料が低いと、取引結果は良くなります。 設定: リスク= falseの場合のロット-リスク= falseの場合の取引ロット; リスクのオン/オフ-自動ロットを有効にします。 リスクパーセント-取引ごとのリスクのパーセンテージ。 利益を得る-利益を得る; ストップロス-ストップロス; トレーリングストップ-トレーリングストップ。 注文へのコメント-注文へのコメント; ブルズ期間-ブルズインジケーターの期間。 ベアーズ期間-ベアーズインジケーターの期間。 マジックナンバー-注文を区別するためのマジックナンバー。 スリッページ-スリッページ。
1 450 USD
Copyright(c) 2019 Superfarabi EA Is the Scalping Forex Expert Advisor for MT4 Working on Timeframes (M5) Best Pair Recomended is EU/UChf=0.4 Calculation is based of Envelopes indicator ===========Rakyat +62 =========== Hak Cipta (c) 2019 Superfarabi EA Merupakan Scalping Forex Expert Advisor untuk MT4 Berjalan pada Time Frame Kecil (M5) Pair Rekomendasi adalah EU / UChf = 0,4 Perhitungan didasarkan pada indikator Envelopes
444 USD
MartBear EA - New Smart Trading Methodology! MartiBear robot is very simple, and very promising money making machine! No complicated setup! No long-term optimization! No special set files! Working on any trading pair (best EURCHF/AUDUSD)! Recommend starting balance 500usd/eur for lot size 0.01. Low Risk with proportional profit! The robot doesn’t require any additional setup, just pick the trading lot and go ahead! Default setting is : Step : 400 Lot : 0.01 Mult : 1.2 TP : 100 MagicBuy : 56
49 USD
Rsi Pure Divergence
Alexander Chertnik
4.25 (8)
The EA trading Rsi Divergence strategy. EA uses Grid method. minimum trading account for 1 pair  100 $. designated for trading all major forex pairs. recommended timeframe: 1H user can run this EA on multiple charts simultaneously. user can use this EA as indicator only. notice: in the comment section there are settings sets for various charts and brokers. in any case, optimize the EA on your broker account before running / testing it. optimization is super easy and also explained in the pics.
40 USD
This EA has been developed for DAX (GER30) M15 timeframe. It also works very well on the same market and TF M30 and M5.  So you will get 3 strategies for lower price, that means better equity curve, higher profits and lower drawdowns. Everything is tested for M15 timeframe, tests are made also for M30 and M5 TF . Strategy is based on continuation of TREND by HIGHEST channel after some period of consolidation. It uses STOP pending orders with   FIXED STOP LOSS . Strategy uses also some   BREAKEV
149 USD
EuroWave MT4
EuroWave   is Trading Robot with using safety and comfortable strategy, because it only opens one order with Stoploss and Takeprofit for protection and does not use dangerous strategies such as hedging, averaging and scalping. EuroWave  trades automatically on your account and provides stable profits every day. Trade fast and do not hold prolonged losses with sophisticated recovery algorithms, as well as exceptional reliability and resistance for all changes occurring in the market volatility.
350 USD
This EA is a breakthrough EA. When the monitoring market changes rapidly, fluctuates rapidly in one direction, and exceeds the set threshold, the EA will quickly place an order and quickly adopt a mobile stop loss strategy to complete capital preservation and profitability. Advantages of this EA: 1. The transaction is very fast to the closing of the position, and it is never procrastinated. 2. After the transaction, the accuracy rate is very high. 3. Place an order with compound interest, and th
599 USD
PipMaker是一个很经典的马丁了,单量很多。顺势单和逆势单都做,如果顺势单盈利比较多,会带走一些亏损比较严重的逆势单,这样的操作很不错值得借鉴。 策略介绍 马丁策略,加仓间距很小,盈利一点就出场,单量很大。 使用说明 1.默认是挂在M1图表使用。 2.交易震荡性比较强的品种EURUSD,AUDCAD等等。 3.建议先复盘和模拟盘使用。 参数介绍 LotIncrease 资金量翻倍时,开仓手数也翻倍 Buy 允许开多单 Sell 允许开空单 smallestlotsize 一般最小单量都是 0.01 ,下面参数填 2 SmallestLotSize 默认填 2 就行 MaxLotSize 最大手数 LotSize 起始手数 LotIncrement 加仓基数 Multiplier 为 0 ,则加仓手数为起始手数 + 加仓基数 * 亏损单数;为 1 ,则加仓手数 * 加仓基数的亏损单数倍 ProfitTarget 盈利金额 TrendProfitTarget 盈利金额 2 SafetyLevelPercentage 安全浮亏范围 0-10
1 000 USD
Robot designed for long term trading only! Please use it on a vps server and it will bring for You stable profits with a very small percentage loss! The trading strategy used on EA: 1.Price Action 2.Smart martingale 3.Filter Moving Average Pairs recommendations: Any major pair,but best is EURUSD,GBPUSD,and USDJPY. No Gold,Brent or e.t.c. Time Frame recommendations: Time Frame of the chart can be any. But best results is with M15,M5. If You like more aggressive trading style ple
69 USD
Hamster Original (Very Fast, Easy Setup, More Power!) You can check live Hamster Original trading  on  Telegram_Channel The  Hamster Original  is a Trading Robot with no use of Classic martingale. Schedule scalping Options. it uses some Indicators as a filter to maximize Correct entries. Recommendations :  Lot = 0.01. ( if autolot enabled  Allow (initial Lot) per (xx)USD  = 50 ). Balance  = 100 USD. Pair = EURUSD. TimeFrame = 5Min. Broker = Trusted Brokers Inputs descriptions :  Initial L
99 USD
EAの特徴 概要 独自の複数の内部ロジックを相場に応じてEAが自動で切替える事で、 どのような相場状況でもリスクを抑え安定した運用成績 となるよう開発いたしました。 勝率が50%以上かつ平均勝ち額が平均負け額と比較して+35%など、主要KPIのバランスが優れており、また想定されるエントリー頻度も1日に1回程度と比較的頻繁にエントリーを行うため、統計上運用成績が 長期にわたって崩れる可能性が低く、長期間安心して運用頂けます。 トレンドフォロー 通常はコツコツと収益を積上げ、このEAが得意な相場であるトレンド発生時に大きく利益を伸ばすトレンドフォロー型としてデザインされています。Take-profitを使用しない為、最大利益は青天井となっており、バックテストでの最大利益幅は約200pipsとなります。  リスクを抑えた運用 シングルポジションで、最大負け幅も約55pipsと限定的なため、レバレッジを10倍程度までに抑えた場合、1 度の取引で大きくドローダウンする事はありませんので安心して長期運用いただけます。 急な相場の変化時や、週末・米国雇用統計前などにはポジションを決済するようプロ
299 USD
Victor Shovnikov
SAW1c is a scalper designed for GBPUSD pair. Working period M15. !!! On 4-digit quotes, the performance was not tested !!! Input parameters: MagicNumber - identifier of orders; Max_Spread - Maximum spread when opening trades; Max_Spread_profit - Maximum spread at closing deals; Slippage - Maximum slippage; Lots - Fixed lot size, disabled when Auto_Risk> 0; Auto_Risk - Automatic lot size depending on% risk of deposit; Stop_Loss - Size of stop loss in points; Take_Profit - Take profit size in po
300 USD
Phung Cuong ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $399! After that, the price will be raised to $499. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Some Features: - Trend trading, only follow trend to reduce DD - News filter to stop EA before high impact news - Smart time filter to avoid unexpected falling, rising, gap... - Scalping mode to stop EA in some cases ... CAUTION:  News Filter can not back testing. This will cause back testing resul
399 USD
Paul Reymkhe
5 (2)
2 copies left - next price 699$ . The price will be increased until it reaches the final price. Please contact us after purchase so that we can give you the necessary Set Files and invite you to our  VIP group . N9T  is an innovative Night-Scalping EA. The main strategy is from   PROscalper supplemented by  TrendFollowerSR   and DailyBreakouts  with several additional filters. The EA does not  use grid ,  martingale  or other  dangerous strategies . Fixed stoploss and take profit are a part
599 USD
Golden Oscar MT4
Sergej Sergienko
3.29 (14)
Hi, all. This is my new Expert -  Golden Oscar. The EA works only on very popular instrument Gold (XAUUSD). It shows stable trading during last 10  years. EA doesn't use dangerous technologies like martingale, grid. There is stable takeprofit and stoploss. The Expert is very simple to use. You don't need optimization for it, it has been already done for you. You just set EA on the chart and all. App works 24/5.  Settings of EA are very simple. Even newbe can understand it. The Advice, start trad
899 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $399! After that, the price will be raised to $499. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. The results of back testing Advanced AI Scalper in MT4 will not reflect the full capabilities of the EA. Because MT4 only allows back testing 1 currency pair at a time but this is one chart set up - trade all major pairs. Don't just back testing only 1 pair, you must test all pairs AUDCAD, AUDNZD,NZDCAD,EURAUD
399 USD
Darwin Swing MT4
Guillaume Duportal
5 (6)
ダーウィン・スイング 発売価格999ドル、将来価格1490ドル DESCRIPTIONS : -- このEAは、私のFXトレードの哲学を反映しています。 時間をかけてやるんだ! (FXはレースではない): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- 過去のパフォーマンスを見るには、以下のシグナルへのリンクが必要です。 ライブとデモのシグナル: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller EXPLANATION(説明)。 Darwin Evolutionの大成功を受け、同時に使用できるDarwin Swingを紹介します。 このExpertは、手動取引に限りなく近い形で設計されています。 長期的な視点で作られたExpertであり、高速スキャルパーでもなく、夜間スキャルパーでもない。 基本戦略はスイングトレードで、支持線と抵抗線を利用してポジションを建てる。 このシステムの革新性は、バーチャルポジションを組み込んでいることです。このEAは、各
999 USD
Breakouts Master
Yevhenii Mavletbaiev
4.72 (29)
Temporary sale for $389. Next price 499$ MT5 version You can watch the trading of the Expert Advisor in real time:   Monitoring1   AutoMM = 0.03 Monitoring 2   AutoMM = 0.02 Monitoring 3     AutoMM = 0.03 Monitoring 4     AutoMM = 0.02 Currency Pair Presets and Test Results:   Presets and Test Results Quick Manual:  Manual Breakouts Master is a fully functional automated system that uses a time-tested strategy for breaking out of important price levels, adapted to modern conditions. Thi
389 USD
Tatyana Kulyapina
4.06 (34)
PRADOは、 保留中の注文を取引し、損失を止めて利益を得ることがすぐに設定される安全なエキスパートアドバイザーであり、多機能のトレーリングストップが機能します。 バージョン7.0以降、EAには4つの取引戦略があります。同時に4つの戦略を実行したおかげで、どの市場行動についてもよりスムーズな収益性グラフが得られます。 PRADO は、グリッド、平均化、注文量の増加、その他の危険なトリックを使用しません。 最低入金 額100$   。 トレンドレベルからの日中 取引 。 機器は USDJPYのみ です。何も構成する必要はありません。デフォルト設定を使用してください。スプレッドが0〜3のアカウントを使用すると、利益が増加します。 テストと取引の場合: すべてのティック、   H1期間、1チャート。 設定は 2010年以降 の履歴で最適化されています。 PRADO は初心者から経験豊富なトレーダーまでご利用いただけます。 設定の説明は、コメント、9ページ、投稿 #432 に記載されています。 モニタリング :       プラド円リスク 3prcブローカーICMarketsGlobal、口
500 USD
Waka Waka EA
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.42 (26)
EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT5 version can be found here Only   1 copy   out of 10 left at   $899! Next price -->   $1049 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid
899 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $349! After that, the price will be raised to $399. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. The results of back testing Advanced AI Price Action in MT4 will not reflect the full capabilities of the EA. Because MT4 only allows back testing 1 currency pair at a time but this is one chart set up. EA will trade 4 pairs:   EURJPY,EURAUD,GBPAUD,GBPCAD - LIVE SIGNAL: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1602795
399 USD
Night Hunter Pro
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.7 (47)
EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with   low drawdown : Best Pairs   (default settings) High-risk   performance Only 5 copies of the EA left  at $1499! Next price --> $1799 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth . It is a professional tool developed
1 499 USD
Live signal 1 Live signal 2 MT5 version is here GoodMorningEA is an advanced night trading system that uses smart algorithms to make the safest entry when markets are at their quietest. It uses dynamic take-profit based on the market state at the time of entry, and has a variety of exit modes. GoodMorningEA does not use Martin, does not use a grid, and has a strict rules-based trading method, opening only one order at a time and placing stops on each trade. Note: as with almost all night sc
799 USD
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
1 745 USD
Scalping trading system is created in accordance with the principle of movement to the average value of the price  Such systems allow you to quickly increase your account balance Index Scalper PRO  is suitable for beginners and experienced traders NOTE: The results of trading on a demo and live account may differ from one broker to another. The profit received in the past does not guarantee this in the future Fast VPS and a low spread broker is mandatory: to find out click here Monitoring re
299 USD
Fidelity MT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Description : Fidelity EA is an Expert Advisor for trading on all Forex pairs and all timeframe. EA is powered with specific trend detection algorithms. The algorithm is fully smart and automatic. So the use and setup of EA is very simple and there is no need to have deep knowledge about the market. Monitoring Signals : The signal is not available now. Why is the signal disabled? Growing the EA : The EA will be updated and supported always. New features will be added later for free. If
587 USD
The Golden Coup
Roman Erokhin
4.27 (30)
Golden Coup EA is the most efficient EA on the market. I spent a lot of time and effort to make this software sophisticated with possibilities of high potential returns while keeping the drawdown below 20%. The algorithms of the robot provide investors of any level of training with an investment opportunity that is both safe and aggressive. Golden Coup EA imitating the work of the brain, capable of learning and adapting to changing conditions and predicting situations. When applied to trading i
699 USD
Profalgo Limited
5 (1)
Launch promo: Only 1 left at 299$ Final price: 990$ SWINGY is a swing system, based on the breakouts of support and resistance levels.  It's a well known strategy that has been traded for decades on all types of markets. Currently, the system is already optimized for 12 currency pairs: EURUSD;GBPUSD;USDJPY;AUDJPY;AUDUSD;EURAUD;EURCAD;EURGBP;EURJPY;GBPJPY;USDCAD;USDCHF; This is a longterm trading strategy, and is a perfect addition to any trader's portfolio. Since the average profits are highe
299 USD
GOLD EAgle mt4
Evgenii Aksenov
4.73 (139)
GOLD EAGLE  is a swing strategy ideal for a flat market, which takes up to 80-90% of the time. The GOLD EAGLE EA is optimized for the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair. This is a trend scalping strategy using the TrendLine PRO indicator as an input signal. The EA opens the first order at the signal of the indicator and fixes the profit at a given level, but if the price does not reach the profit and rolls back, an additional order automatically opens averaging the level of the total profit making it closer to
299 USD
Darwin Evolution MT4
Guillaume Duportal
4.83 (12)
ダーウィンの進化 ! 1490 USDから990 USDの限定時間 (オファーは次のアップデートの到着まで有効です、時間を無駄にしないでください(もちろん、更新は価格に含まれています)。 ! MT4は同時マルチペアを処理しないため、このEAのバックテストを行うことはできません。 ダーウィンは指標の計算のために28ペアを必要としています! 説明:  - その操作を理解するには、ブログをやってくる(このEAは私の外国為替取引の哲学を反映しています...あなたが物事を見るための私の方法が好きなら、あなたは私のEAが好きです 時間をかけてください! (Forexはレースではありません):https:// www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790  - 過去のパフォーマンスを見るために、ここでシグナルのリンクがあります ライブノーマルシグナルモード: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller ライブシグナルリスクモード: https://www.mql5.com/en/users
999 USD
JOIN the new CHANNEL Huge Upgrade in: Conditions of entry.(The same as before plus some restrictions for even better). Added Buttons for Pause and Restart EA from chart. Added input for Pause EA based on number of positions and restart the EA based on candle of 4H chart if it is back on trend! Added input for Trail Money. Live Monitoring Telegram group here Welcome. Zig Zag Ultimate uses a top notch strategy based on Zig Zg indicator among with candle reversal patterns.
547 USD
エントリーポイントPro EA MT4、MT5用トレーディングロボット 購入後すぐに、このサイトのプライベートメッセージで私に連絡し、説明書と非常に強力なボーナスを入手してください。 Entry Points Pro EAは、MQL5で450以上のポジティブなフィードバックを受け、何千ものインジケーターの中で1年以上1位を維持している伝説のインジケーター、Entry Points Proをベースにしています。 ここでは、MT4とMT4端末でトレーディングアドバイザーがどのように動作するかのビデオです、最後までご覧ください。 トレーディングロボットってどんなことをするんですか? トレーディングアドバイザーは、暗号通貨、金属、指数、株式など、あらゆる資産で機能します。エントリーポイントプロEAは、トレーダーの選択により、自動または半自動で株式取引を行い、自律的に取引開始・維持します。これは、インジケータとの大きな違いです。インジケータは、取引に参入し、決済するための最適な瞬間を示すだけで、それ自体で取引するわけではありません。  エントリーポイントプロEAのメリット - MT4、MT
499 USD
Gold Harmonic MT4
Renate Gerlinde Engelsberger
3.8 (54)
At the request of the people, 5 copies are sold at the previous price  (1 people left) : Next price: $ 500 An expert based on harmonic patterns For gold in time frame 5 and 15 minutes With a large number of signals Has a TP and a SL Without the use of dangerous strategies such as martingales and hedges After purchasing this expert, send me a message to join the buyer group  Symbol  Gold  Timeframes  M5 , M15  Minimum  Deposit  Minimum tested capital: 250$   Brokers  Any broke
280 USD
Atomic79 EA
Enrique Enguix
4.69 (13)
ATOMIC DOESN'T EAT, DOESN'T SMOKE AND DOESN'T SLEEP. As you may already know, an Expert Advisor opens and closes trades automatically. Throughout the day, without rest. Without getting tired. Atomic has been designed to do this with GOLD. Works on more symbols? Probably yes, but let's focus on GOLD for now. What else? To use Atomic you will need to find a broker that offers low spreads and high leverage. I use ICMarkets SC. This is very important if you want to earn money. How much should
353.87 USD
Huckster MT4
Jakub Norbert Bogusz
5 (4)
!!! Current price - $349 will be increased to $499 soon, so if you want to get a discounted price this is your last chance !!!  Huckster is an absolute breakthrough in Forex Algo Trading. It has been trained on EURUSD and on all of the EUR minor pairs (EURGBP, EURAUD, EURJPY, EURCHF, EURNZD, EURCAD) so all together it trades 7 different currency pairs. As an Artificial Intelligence type of robot, the trades it opens are as close as possible to the ones which would be open by an professional hum
349 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $399! After that, the price will be raised to $499. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Some Features: -   No Martingale - No Multiplier Lot - Scalping follow trend - News filter to stop EA before high impact news - Scalping mode to stop EA in some cases ... CAUTION:  News Filter can not back testing. This will cause back testing results to be inaccurate, because News Filter will help EA remo
399 USD
Nexus EA Forex
Enrique Enguix
4.8 (20)
In January 2010, two unknowns started in the world of trading. They both had the same money, the same experience, and the same investment knowledge. A year later, the two met at a trading forum. They talked about their experiences in the investment world and shared their results: The difference was not very big, one had made some money, while the other had lost only a little. Again, a year later, they met again. The former had continued to win. The other had lost most of his account.      
426.89 USD
Automatic trading advisor, which implements a medium-term trading strategy based on the theory of wave movement of the market Advisor does not use martingale, grid, averaging, scalping The advisor is based on the application of wave analysis to historical data and the search for waves predicting the price movement in the future. Using a longer period of time repeating patterns are searched for. Using a smaller period, approximation and interpolation of nodal points and refinement of patterns is
325 USD
Market Pulse EA
Evgenii Golovanets
5 (1)
Market Pulse simple and most effective way to trade, a strategy that always works, breakout level trading. If you noticed that 90% of authors in MQL have real monitoring of their experts is rarely more than $100-$500. But in strategy tester, their EAs bring millions of dollars in profit. However, nobody asks why they sell these EAs, if they can become a millionaire in one year. I offer you a different approach to forex trading, a realistic one. An approach that is suitable for professionals who
1 000 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $399! After that, the price will be raised to $499. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Some Features: - No Martingale, No Grid, No Double Lot, No Averaging, No Dangerous strategy - Only entry 1 order, the order is always protected by Stoploss - Only pure Price Action for entry - News filter to stop EA before high impact news - Smart time filter to avoid unexpected falling, rising, gap...
399 USD
Advanced Scalper
Profalgo Limited
4.07 (108)
Advanced Scalperは、長年開発されてきたプロ仕様の自動売買ロボットです。非常に高度なエグジットアルゴリズムが使用され、spread-filterおよびslippage-controlアルゴリズムが組み込まれています。クライアントのニーズに合わせて完全にカスタマイズ可能で、多くのセットアップの可能性を備えてします。推奨設定はコメントページでご覧になれます。 すでに3年以上のライブ結果 — https://www.mql5.com/ja/signals/413850 現在、最終価格の+70%割引です。 Advanced Scalperを購入された方には、EAをあと1つ無料でおまけします(2つの取引口座の場合) 最終価格-> $990 EAを実行する前に設定ガイドをお読みください — https://www.mql5.com/ja/blogs/post/705899 推奨事項 クイックセットアップの説明、最新のプリセット、FAQおよびマニュアル: https://www.mql5.com/ja/blogs/post/705899 推奨証券会社:ICMarketsまたはAlp
249 USD
Batman Midnight Hunter is a fully automatic smart night scalping system that has proven itself on real accounts. It doesn’t adjust the system to use history data (as most creators do), the EA is developed to use the existing market inefficiency. So it’s not a simple hit-and-miss system, it is a fully adapted smart system for night scalping, using real market mechanics to its advantage in order to make a profit. The EA uses fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit. The EA is workds with any broker and sup
299 USD
BUY AT JUST $149, (ONLY 1  COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE) NEXT PRICE $199 Good Vibes is a smart Expert Advisor predicts new possible trend direction The Trading System uses an innovative approach in trend trading with customisable parameters. Real-time results can be viewed   here Recommendations Supported Forex Pairs AUDUSD , EURUSD , USDJPY , AUDCAD , EURGBP , EURJPY , USDCAD , AUDJPY, EURCHF, EURAUD Supported Indices & CFDs DE30 Index , USA500 Index Supported Commodities & CFDs US Lig
149 USD
Spy Expert
4.58 (12)
REGULAR PRICE $199 (ONLY 5 OUT OF 5 COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE) NEXT PRICE $249  SET FILES Download EURUSD Set File (Comment No.#1 ) Download NZDCAD Set File Download GBPUSD Set File Download USDCHF Set File Download GBPCAD Set File Download CHFSGD Set File You can Find   Live Signal   of this EA here ->  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1412588 Spy Expert is a revolutionary Candle Stick Patterns based Trading System, Which is specially effective in trading on most popular currency pa
199 USD
Nuclear Fx is a secure Auto-Trading & High-Accuracy Expert Advisor, Targets long term profits for Forex Market The Architecture Strategy is Completely Automatic in Making Trading Decisions       10 Years BackTested (2011 To 2020) with 100% Win Trades   BUY AT JUST $149, (ONLY 2 COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE) NEXT PRICE $199   Nuclear FX  is capable of Multi-Currency Trading On H1 Timeframe. Base Currency Pairs (Recommended) : EURUSD, GBPUSD Addit
149 USD
BUY AT JUST $249, (ONLY 5 COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE) NEXT PRICE $399    NEW STRATEGY UPDATED  Join exclusive  Telegram Channel . Send Purchase receipt to   ME  by MQL5 message  for   Privileged Customers Telegram Group   Invitation. Billion Idea (BI) EA is a multi-strategist. Advisor works based an unique combination of indicators and strategies. EA is suitable for both experienced and beginner traders. Expert supports opening and closing orders at specific hours during a day. E
249 USD
BUY AT JUST $149, (ONLY 4 COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE) NEXT PRICE $199 Set File : Default EA Parameters Works Best. Join exclusive  Telegram Channel . Send Purchase receipt to   ME  by MQL5 message  for   Privileged Customers Telegram Group   Invitation. Impulsive Algo 2.0 is high accuracy forex trading expert advisor. EA with Unique Fibonacci and Swing based Professional Strategies. Fully automated analysis and algorithm for profitable trading experience. EA contains professional algor
149 USD
BUY AT JUST $199, (ONLY 5 COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE) NEXT PRICE $249  LIVE MONITORING EURUSD H1 TF SIGNAL SET FILES Download EURUSD  Set File (Comment No.#1  ) Download NZDCAD Set File Download GBPUSD Set File Download USDCHF Set File Download GBPCAD Set File Download CHFSGD Set File Spy Expert is a revolutionary Candle Stick Patterns based Trading System, Which is specially effective in trading on most popular currency pair EURUSD. Primary focus when developing the trading system w
199 USD
Aravind Kolanupaka
Aravind Kolanupaka 2021.08.14 00:03 


削除済み 2021.01.04 17:09 


開発者からの返信 Dhanaraj 2021.03.01 14:04
Look at the live signal, It is 237% earnings so far, with 25% DD. I am not sure which set file you have used, Have you communicated with me before regarding set file? There are some really good risk-reward ratio set files for EURUSD (small SL like 10 Pip) already available on product page, You may try them. Also, I have made a lot of updates and releases for Million EA, not sure what update you missed, can you let me know what update you need from the EA, If missed I will try to integrate it.
SXMTrader 2020.11.02 09:35 

Great EA and great support. You have to join the telegram group. You also can ask for setfiles depending on your account balance. Dhanaraj is very helpful!!!

mih 2020.10.19 11:50 

i have it on demo, its looking good with fixed setting. it does not trade very often though. Seller is very approachable.

Dimas 2020.10.18 14:39 

So far EA shows profit in 1 month with fixed lot settings! Soon I'll turn it on real account

Giordan Costa
Giordan Costa 2020.10.18 13:58 

After 1 month of live trading I can say that it is profitable Ea(see comment page) I use only fixed lots no dangerous lot multipler. Serious author always available via telegram or message.For me 5 Stars Thanks Dhanaraj for Good Job.

Mohamed Khalid Rafi
Mohamed Khalid Rafi 2020.10.18 13:30 

BEST EA I Purchased so far! The Author is super helpful and quick in sorting out issues. I recommend the EA! So I gave 5

trailingedge1 2020.10.15 23:41 

Excellent seller response (5 stars) ...Very slow results with H1 set files provided (3 stars).

Update....so far 1 win and 4 losses....negative 200 +-

開発者からの返信 Dhanaraj 2021.03.01 14:16
Look at the live signal, It is 237% earnings so far, with 25% DD. May I know which set file you are using? Try the new 10+ and 17 Years BackTested set files. 17 YEARS BACKTESTED ON EURUSD ( ✦ EQUITY GUARDIAN ✦ VOLATILITY FILTER ✦ NEWS FILTER) https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52456#!tab=comments&page=3&comment=19015824 10 YEARS BACKTESTED ON EURUSD ( ✦ EQUITY GUARDIAN ✦ VOLATILITY FILTER ✦ NEWS FILTER) https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52456#!tab=comments&page=3&comment=18955946
Christophe Duhez
Christophe Duhez 2020.10.07 18:12 

Hi, I installed MI 1 month ago. With the set files provided by the owner, MI opened 10 positions, all positive. This represents a 6.8% increase in my capital. The banks don't even bring that back in 1 year. I'm therefore very satisfied with MI. In addition, the owner is always available to answer my questions. He helped me get started. Thank you Dhanaraj 😊

noochey 2020.09.30 19:49 

Great EA with good profit and very nice author!

jonasw 2020.09.25 16:49 

First and foremost: superb author in term of attention to his customers, up to a person-to-person detailed level. If you are new to EA, this author's product could be a great start, and not only the support, but also the product itself, producing profit after profit in general. Not less important is, Dhanaraj the author keeps improving the EA, providing the best setfile as per one's risk/reward appetite.

Crunchtime 2020.09.23 13:55 

It's the first time I bought an EA and I wished to express my opinion: A) -The owner, Dhanaraj, is always keeping an eye on his customers, his customer attention concept is really awesome, believe me. When he created his EA, he didn't consider it to be as something fully finished, accomplished, in my opinion, but as a trading tool to be adjusted once and again. He's always adding filters, new parameters, etc. B) I've had the bot for less than a month, it's a short period of time yet. This EA implements a swing-style trading, so you need to be patient and I think I'm patient enough. If you expect to have 3/4 trades a month this is your EA.

Pete Pearson
Pete Pearson 2020.09.22 22:27 

This was my first EA. I found the Dhanaraj to be 100% professional and helpful with the issues I had in setting this expert up. There are several configuration files that he provides so as to help with back testing. If you are new to using EA, Dhanaraj offers a great deal of wisdom for success. In a few months I will come back and provide commentary as to how successful I am using Million Idea. Thank you.

RiaanNiebuhr 2020.09.21 20:02 

Best support, EA development on weekly basis.

Dr. Zaman Khan
Dr. Zaman Khan 2020.09.21 12:27 

Great Support with consistent responses to technical queries raised & I'm up 35% since onboard 08 September 2020. Surprisingly the best overall package I had for a long time.

Jens Bruns
Jens Bruns 2020.09.16 21:36 

Great Author, great Group and great EA! Safe and steady performance and individual sets. Keep up the good work!

Stephanie Nicole Chavez
Stephanie Nicole Chavez 2020.09.15 06:31 


Dubai FX
Dubai FX 2020.09.14 06:25 

Excellent support from author, always available, replying to all doubts and trying to help. EA working really nice and matching with signals. 5 stars

Evgenii Bazenko
Evgenii Bazenko 2020.09.12 18:57 

Очень хороший советник, рекоминдую!!!

Eduard Mushkatin
Eduard Mushkatin 2020.09.12 03:30 

Million Idea is a very good and versatile EA with very stable and high rates of winning trades. In addition to that is the excellent support from Dhanaraj. You just have to tell him how much money the accounts have and he creates perfectly tailored strategies (set-files). In the last two weeks several new strategies were developed and new forex pairs were activated. From my view, the price/performance ratio of Million Idea EA is hard to beat. =========== Million Idea ist ein sehr guter und vielseitiger EA mit sehr stabilen und hohen Quoten an gewonnen Trades. Dazu kommt noch der hervorragende Support von Dhanaraj. So reicht es ihm mitzuteilen, über Mittel in welcher Höhe die Konten verfügen und er erstellt perfekt zugeschnittene Strategien (set-Files). Dazu wird ständig an neuen Strategien gearbeitet und neue Forexpaare werden freigeschaltet. Vom Preis/Leistungs Verhältnis ist Million Idea EA kaum zu schlagen.

バージョン 2.10 2020.09.21
- By Default, News Filter will be Turned Off to avoid issue on some VPS
バージョン 2.0 2020.09.21
- Integrated NEWS Filter (Optional)
- Integrated VOLATILITY Filter (Optional)
- UI Tweaks for displaying News information on chart
バージョン 1.30 2020.09.03
- Integrated a new risk calculation optional drop down
- Panel User Interface Profits label tweak
- Improved back testing speed
バージョン 1.20 2020.08.31
- Implemented a new breakout strategy
- Implemented User Interface for orders management
- Settings inputs added for Trade Behavior
バージョン 1.1 2020.08.04