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The EA works for the breakthrough of the selected section of the chart. In the EA's settings, set time period in BoxTimeStart and BoxTimeEnd parameters (the first and the last hours of the check period) and this time period breakthrough length in MinBreakdown and MaxBreakdown parameters (minimum and maximum breakthrough length).

Once attached to the chart, the EA analyzes the current price and starts placing orders for breakthrough of this area, if the price is higher (lower) than the price channel on MinBreakdown and at that it did not pass MaxBreakdown.

In case of breakthrough two grids with different steps and coefficients are opened (one grid follows the trend, another grid is counter trend).

If there is a clear breakthrough, we start accumulating volume following the trend and gaining profit, and then we close trades by take profit. If breakthrough is fake, we average trades in counter trend and close our orders


  • BoxTimeStart - the first hour of the control period
  • BoxTimeEnd - the last hour of the control period
  • MinBreakdown - minimum breakthrough length
  • MaxBreakdown - maximum breakthrough length
  • Takeprofit - take profit in points
  • Step_Trend - step of increase by the trend
  • Step_Afte_Trend - step of increase by counter trend
  • Lot - lot
  • K_Lot_Trend - lot ratio by trend
  • K_Afte_Trend - lot ratio by counter trend
  • color_BAR - information color
  • Magic - unique number of the EA's orders
  • slippage - slippage
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