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The AnalyticSaR indicator is a fully functional trading system, which enables every trader to trade on the Forex market successfully irrespective of his or her experience. A very complex analytical algorithm, which includes many values of standard indicators (about 15), candlestick analysis, analysis of patterns and lines of support and resistance, is implemented in the indicator. But it is very easy to use the indicator in spite of complexity of its algorithm.

Values of many indicators taken from charts of the currency pair on 6 time frames (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4) are displayed in the right upper corner of the screen. This block provides information about the currency pair on all timeframes based on the values of several indicators.

The block No.2 is a major block where buy or sell signals are generated. It is easy to differ buy signals from sell signals using this block. If the block says “Down [Strong]”, then it is a sell signal; if it says “Up [Strong]”, then it is a buy signal. If it says “Weak”, but not “Strong”, then it means a flat market.

The block No.3 of this indicator consists of dots located above and below a price line (Parabolic) that clearly indicate the current trend direction and shows the market situation from a short- and long-term perspective. The given block was implemented in the indicator to confirm signals generated in the previous blocks.

The indicator works on M1 - H4.

Indicator input parameters:

  • alerts - enable/disable sound alerts
  • PercentK - Stochastic setting
  • PercentD - Stochastic setting
  • RSIP1 - RSI small period
  • RSIP2 - RSI large period
  • FastEMA - MACD settings
  • SlowEMA - MACD settings
  • CCIPeriod - CCI period
  • ADXPeriod - ADX period
  • BULLSPeriod - Bulls period
  • BEARSPeriod - Bears period
  • FIPeriod - ForceIndex period
  • MOMPeriod - Momentum period
  • DEMPeriod - Demarker period
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