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Crossing Moving Average

This is a Moving Average-based Expert Advisor. It has been developed for trading accounts with Market and Instant order execution. Martingale and grid are not used. Each trade is accompanied by stop loss and take profit. Maximum drawdown level is used as well. When the level is reached, all market orders are closed. The EA enters the market when the fast Moving Average crosses the slow one. A market order is closed if a reverse signal appears.


  • TypeOrderExecution – Market/Instant order execution;
  • AutoDigits – auto recalculate of the parameters for 3-5-digit quotes;
  • BalanceRisk – calculate trading lot using the balance/free margin;
  • Lots – fixed lot if BalanceRisk = 0;
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points;
  • StopLoss – stop loss in points;
  • Magic – magic number of deals;
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread for opening orders;
  • MaxAttempts – number of attempts to open an order in case of a slippage;
  • DelaySeconds – pause between the attempts, in seconds;
  • Slippage – maximum price slippage;
  • MaxDrawdown – maximum drawdown, in % of a deposit;
  • SizeClosing – close orders in full/partially when a drawdown is reached;
  • MA_TimeFrame – Moving Average indicator timeframe;
  • MA1_Period – Moving Average 1 period;
  • MA1_Method – Moving Average 1 averaging method;
  • MA1_Price – Moving Average 1 price type;
  • MA2_Period – Moving Average 2 period;
  • MA2_Method – Moving Average 2 averaging method;
  • MA2_Price – Moving Average 2 price type;
  • CloseReverseSignal – close deals in case of a reverse signal;
  • StartBreakeven_1,2 – number of points profitably passed by the price to move positions to breakeven;
  • StepBreakeven_1,2 – distance in points to place the breakeven level;
  • TrailingStart – minimum number of points passed from the order open price for the trailing;
  • TrailingStop – number of points to start Trailing Stop;
  • TrailingStep – trailing stop step;
  • ShowInfo – show/hide info;
  • TextColor – displayed data color.
MarioJrFonseca 2015.11.12 13:33 

The EA is extamente as described.

Vladimir 's service is extraordinary.

I believe that this EA will be suitable for my strategy ... It is extremely simple and it was exactly what I was looking for ... If he makes what promises I'll keep the 5 star!

Thanks in advance.