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BIG Fish

BIG Fish is a scalping Expert Advisor for trading highly liquid financial instruments. It uses momentum strategy of the market behavior and is highly adaptable to current conditions. The EA uses one standard Momentum oscillator available in MetaTrader4.

Pyramiding system helps to increase profitable deals. If required, you can disable it by means of increasing order opening step. It has two levels of moving deals in breakeven to minimize possible losses and trailing stop to maintain positions. It performed well on XAUUSD, but you can also use other financial instruments. The EA requires a low spread broker and VPS-server. 

Expert Advisor monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/moneystrategy/signals


  • BalanceRisk - calculation of trading lot from the balance/free margin;
  • FixedLots - fixed lot if BalanceRisk = 0;
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points;
  • StepPiramid - pyramid opening step;
  • Magic - trade magic number;
  • BarHistory - Momentum indicator period;
  • TimeFrame - Momentum indicator timeframe;
  • APrice - Momentum indicator price type;
  • Timer - timer to measure the momentum in seconds;
  • PriceStep - distance from the current price to measure a momentum;
  • StepOrder - pending order distance from the price in points;
  • StartBreakeven_1,2 - number of points profitably passed by the price to move positions to breakeven;
  • StepBreakeven_1,2 - distance in points to place the breakeven level;
  • TrailingStart - the minimum number of points passed from the order open price for the trailing;
  • TrailingStop - the number of points to start trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep - trailing stop step;
  • ShowInfo - show/hide information;
  • TextColor - displayed data color.
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