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The Price Manner indicator is an ultimate indicator acting as a trend direction guide. This is a strong and complete system for Forex market. Since Forex market is not centralized, Price Manner indicator uses artificial intelligence to simulate Forex volume close to the central market.

The Price Manner indicator uses listed below indicators as Artificial Intelligence:

  • Volume.
  • Moving Average.
  • Ichimoku.
  • Time Series.

The Price Manner indicator purpose in the main calculation is not trying to forecasting market direction, but finding the best cycle for entering trade if all of input cycles say the same. The Price Manner indicator is not a repainted indicator.

Above description represents advantages of this indicator. But this indicator has weaknesses as well, for instance:

  • Signals are rare, so if users want to use it for daily trading, they should use multiple servers (5-10 servers). A demo account is ok, but a real account is better.
  • When users employ multiple servers, server A can show Buy signal and server B can show Sell signal in the same pair. Winning probabilty of both cases is 50/50, and this is a rare case.
  • Only for 5 digit brokers.

How To Use

Use on M30 timeframe. Main signals are Green (mean buy) and Red (mean sell) arrows.

Confirmation: switch to M15 timeframe then check color of the box before signals appear on M30.

Gold box M15 - M30 Signals are Valid.

Silver box M15 - M30 Signals are bias, and trading is not advantageous.


  • alert — Set pop-up notification when the signal appears: true — Alert on, false — Alert off.
  • candlecount — How many candles are counted on the chart.
molyonoploso 2015.05.03 07:32 

sepertinya masih ada bug di kotak gold & silver., saya pakai dengan murreymath H4 dan signal entry di m5 hasilnya memuaskan Overall terima kasih