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For Backtesting Parameters $100K Below: Cm = "DMF_AI_EA_ROBOT" ; ElapsedSECONDS = 7 MaxDailyProfit = 3500 MaxDailyLoss = -1500 MaxMonthlyProfit=10000 LS= 1.3 CSL= 1.3 ESL= 1.3 PF= 50 STP=50 CPF=50 TND= 50 Lot= 15 BLS= 1 5 CLS= 15 TradingBetween = 16:30-23:30 Risk_Triger=+ 010 Mg = 2001 DMF AI EA ROBOT FOR FTMO AND OTHER PROP FIRMS This is not a new product in the market but a unique Version created separately to reduce cost. This Robot was built to work conveniently with Censored accounts , with
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Ransom Dikpen Egene
DMF AI EA ROBOT Most Efficient Trading System Specifically Designed best for NASDAQ (USTECH100) with hidden tricks in beating the market rule. Many Newbies asks why trade just USTECH100(NASDAQ) well what we tell you is our robot works and support all other currency pairs and commodities what you should have in mind is 1 pair of currency can give you all you need in the fx market not by desiring to trade multipairs  what is important is knowing what you are doing in the market! Features: > Unique
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