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EA SureFire Averaging multiCurr

EA multipair version.

It is based on the popular hedging strategy Surefire, trying to avoid the conventional SL. This strategy places an order SELL STOP (BUY STOP) if the market goes against the open BUY (SELL) position. While in original strategy fixed TP and SL are maintained, this EA calculates the volume necessary to shorten the TP to obtain the expected profit, before reversing position if the pending order is activated. In so much as the hedging strategy is not enabled, the EA applies averaging strategy.

The coverage algorithm is implemented like this:

  • L1: current lot
  • Tp1: current TP in points
  • L2: future lot for hedging, being L2= K x L1
  • Tp2: future TP in points
  • Dp: loss points at the current position.
  • Ds: distance in points at which Stop order is placed from last trade.
  • S: spread
L1 x Tp1= L2 x Tp2 - L1 x (Dp + Ds + Tp2 + S)
L2 = K x L1 ==> Tp1 = KxTp2 - (Dp + Ds + Tp2 + S) ==> Tp2 = (Tp1 + Dp + Ds + S) / (K - 1)

The resultant percentage of winning positions is 60-75% depending on combination of parameters; the consecutive winning positions are 15-20 and consecutive losses are 3-5, although the DD can be very high. Therefore, to run this EA in real account you need patience (starting from initial lot 0.01), discipline (to let the strategy operate) and CAPITAL to support DD that surely will occur. Because of the randomness of the FOREX market we can not ensure a positive outcome in all cases.

If the position is negative you can use averaging before applying Sure-Fire system. You can work at any timeframe specifying whether opening control bar is desired. The input signal is obtained simply by EMA reporting the trend:

  • if the price is above, BUY.
  • if below, SELL.

To open the position the input parameters allow you to specify...

  • Opening Lot.
  • Loss percentage price in successive entries if we apply averaging.
  • Multiplier of initial balance from which increased lot opening is applied (-1, not applied).
  • % of increase of free margin over balance to define initial lot opening (-1, not applied). If this parameter is 20 and the free margin has increased for 50% over balance, with initial batch 0.1, apply 10% (20% to 50%) about 0.1 to define lot opening position: result 0.11.

If the open position is in positive the input parameters control:

  • TP to close the position.
  • %TP traversed for placing TS.
  • %TP converted into points TS.
  • Transaction number from which applies TS.
  • Profit as % of balance to close position.
  • Benefit in money to close position.

If the open position is in negative the input parameters control:

  • SL in points (-1, not applied).
  • SL in money (-1, not applied).
  • SL in trades/position.

For system management Sure-Fire allows you to set:

  • Multiplier of lot to reverse the position (K factor).
  • Maximum lot to reverse the position (-1, unlimited).
  • Distance in points for placing pending order.
  • Number of trades before to apply the Sure-Fire strategy. If set to 1, a Sure-Fire pure system is defined.
  • Maximum number of entries (cycles) in hedging Sure-Fire.
  • To close, or not, the position after to complete cycles Sure-Fire.

Other parameters allows you to set:

  • Maximum number of market hours to close position (-1, not applied).
  • Minimum free margin to open position in currency.
  • Free margin for opening position in % of balance.
  • Maximum spread to open position.
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