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Easy And Fast MT4

"Better, easier, faster" is the motto describing what traders strive for in trading. They know that there is always space for improvement. That was exactly why the Easy And Fast trading panel was developed.

A professional version of this program with advanced features is available on this page: Easy And Fast Pro.

The Easy And Fast trading panel can make trading easier and more efficient. Its functionalities are described below.

  • The panel can be located in any part of a chart.
  • It allows quick execution of trading operations such as buying, selling and placing pending orders. It is also possible to reverse a position (only if one order is currently open), close positions and delete pending orders for a current symbol. In trading operations, the Expert is using the value from the Lot input field, which can be modified manually or with a switch. The Expert also features fast forward of values. The value in the Step input field determines the step of changing the values in the Lot field if a switch is used. Clicking on the headers of the Lot or Step input fields allows reseting the lot value to the minimum possible.
  • Installing a pending order requires only clicking on one of four corresponding buttons and then clicking on the chart. The order is placed at the price that was clicked on the chart. The mode, when placing a pending order requires holding down the Ctrl button, can be enabled in the Expert's external parameters (see the screenshot below). This mode is disabled by default (false).
  • Trailing Stop can be enabled for automatic adjustment of the Stop Loss level according to the current price if the latter becomes more favorable. To enable this function, the Trailing Stop Loss check box has to be ticked. Step for checking the Stop Loss modifying can be specified in the entry field. If a necessity arises, the distance between the Stop Loss level and the current price can be changed manually at any time. The program will store the new distance and will carry on executing the trades considering the adjustment. In MetaTrader 4 stop loss can be set for each open order and trailing stop will work for each of them.
  • The Expert has a feature of enabling sound notifications or alerts. The Levels of alerts check box creates two horizontal levels on the chart: Top Alert (upper notification) and Bottom Alert (lower notification). If the price rises above the Top Alert level, the program will alert the trader with a sound. The same applies to the Bottom Alert level, though in this case the price has to go below this line. The distance between these levels and the current price can be entered from the keyboard in the entry field or changed with a switch. Another sound alert can be set up in the Line-time alert check box. It is a vertical line on the time scale. As soon as the time exceeds the value of the line on the time scale, the program will alert with a sound. A sound file for alerts, time interval (in seconds) between the alerts and the color of the levels can be set up in the external parameters of the program (see the screenshot below). Every line can be assigned a different sound file so the trader can hear which level the price has passed.
  • Another check box, Show deals on chart, places arrows of all historical deals and carries on creating new ones upon completion of trading operations. Unticking this check box removes all the arrows from the chart.
  • In the external settings of the program (see the screenshot below) in the Slippage parameter, you can specify the maximum price deviation (slippage) at deal execution. The Show Stop And Freeze Levels external parameter enables/disables limit levels indication on a chart.
  • The Easy And Fast trading panel works for all types of financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Metals, Futures, Stocks).

You may also like the trading panel version for MetaTrader 5Easy And Fast MT5.

See the video below (example from MetaTrader 5), which shows the described functionality of Easy And Fast.

Eduardo De la Hoz
Eduardo De la Hoz 2018.10.30 18:47   

Hi I need help, when I put order I have a error: "Easy And Fast MT4 EURUSD,M15: CTradeFunctions::SetPendingOrder: > error: 133". I need help!

Valkyrian 2015.07.08 07:33 

Great panel with really nice functionalities and a very helpfull developer! I had some issues getting the panel to work on build 840, but Anatoli did everything to get it resolved quickly and succeeded.

With getting this panel you get yourself a nice tool and the assurance of good and friendly support.

Principle Analysis
Principle Analysis 2015.02.04 17:02 

This is an excellent panel for traders who need to put in trades fast and/or have a large amount of pending orders to place a day. The execution is fast and easy, just like the name, and I have not noticed any bugs or flaws. The developer is very responsive and friendly, and he even updated the panel based on my request to add a feature for pending orders to set automatic stop loss and profit levels. It's clear he cares a lot about his product and pleasing his customers. I highly recommend this panel and this developer.


Versión 9.0 2018.09.30
Added a multi-symbol balance chart.
Versión 8.0 2018.09.10
Version 8.0 - 2018.08.21
1. The code is completely rewritten. Improved performance.
2. Added displaying the level of trailing stop on the chart.
Versión 6.5 2015.07.24
Version 6.5. Improved interface. The ADD-ONS tab now has a function for enabling the Calculate Trade Levels window (for calculating take profit, stop loss, stop out levels).
Versión 5.2 2015.07.06
Version 5.2. Added additional checks protecting against zero divides.
Versión 5.1 2015.07.02
Version 5.1. Fixed a bug occurred when trades are absent in the account history.
Versión 5.0 2015.05.26
Version 5.0. New functions allow moving stop loss to breakeven. For more convenience, control elements are divided into two sections (tabs): PROFIT/LOSS, ADD-ONS. Now the EA does not have any external parameters. All those settings are now available in a separate EA window. It is opened at a click on the 'Settings' button in the header of the main panel. A new tab in the information window shows account statistics and the balance diagram. During modifications, all the values are written to a file.
Versión 4.0 2015.05.06
Version 4.0. Improved interface. New option "Info window" opens a window with the information about the terminal, account and the symbol on which chart the program is running. This data can be saved in a file. Information can be shown in Russian or in English.
Versión 3.0 2015.02.03
A new feature in version 3.0 allows setting the stop loss and take profit size while opening a position or placing a pending order.
The trading panel can be minimized now.
Versión 2.1 2014.12.17
Fixed incorrect display of data on chart in some cases.