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Hedging Martingale MT5 Lite

Grid system that  using hedging, averaging and pyramid techniques combined with martingale and anti-martingale lot.         

Signal Live Monitoring : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/746078      

Main Features:

1. Open Position Mode

   StartWithSell : open short positions.

   StartWithBuy : open long positions.

   StartWithHilo : Hilo means High and low of the time frame of 1 hour / day / week / month

   StartWithBuySell : open buy and sell positions at the same time.

2. True = Limit order, False = Stop order : Only applies to StartWithHilo.

3. Hilo timeframe : Only applies to StartWithHilo.

4. Minimum Range to Start Pending Order : Range High and Low, Only applies to StartWithHilo.

5. Range size of pending orders (in pips) : Distance of pending orders, pending orders use adaptive trendline

6. Range size to move pending orders (in pips) : Trendline will move to the latest prices according to the number of sizes entered.

7. Lot Type : There are 5 types of lot options, Fixed,  Martingale 1-3, Mix 3 Lot .

Mix lot is a merging of martingale lot with anti-martingale lot.

8. Start Lot : Initial lot

9. Multiplier for Martingale 3 / Mix 3 Lot : lot multiplier

10. Maximal Lots: maximum lots allowed.

11. Maxtrade : maximum trades allowed

12. Recovery Mode :There are 4 recovery techniques.

13. Step (in pips) : Distance to open the next position

14. Expanding Step Coefficient : The coefficient for the distance addition  of the next open position

15. Minimum profit for close all $ : Minimum profit to close all positions (in money)

16.Target Equity, in money (Must be greater than the equity start): Fill in the target equity that you want to achieve.

When the account equity has reached the target equity that you entered, the bot will stop working for the day.

You only need to fill in a larger target equity for the bot to run again.

17. Cut loss if loss $ : close all positions when the cutloss target is reached.

18. Use Auto Close Partial, in money:  drawdown reduction algorithm , in money

19. Number of trade to activate partial close :  Number of open positions to start applying partial close.

20. Percentage profit to close partial $: Minimum profit amount to do partial close, in money.

21. Use Auto Close Partial, in percentage : drawdown reduction algorithm , in percentage

22. Number of trade to activate partial close :  Number of open positions to start applying partial close.

23. Percentage profit to close partial %: Minimum profit amount to do partial close, in percentage.

24. Trailling : trailling base on money

25. Time control : when will start to open position and when will stop taking position.  Timing  uses server time.

26. Close all positions at the End of Session: Expert will close all positions after today's session ends

 Determine the closing hour by activating the time control = true and filling in the start and end hours. Timing  uses server time.

27. Max Spread (in Pips) : allowed spreads.

28. Coefficient (if Freeze=0 Or StopsLevels=0) : Multiplier coefficient when freezelevel / stoplevel = 0

29. Magic Number : fill in different numbers if you are going to trade the same pairs in 1 MT5 terminal.

30. Continue new cycle management, you can set the time so that the expert stops new cycle at the specified hour and only manages positions that are still open. For example: There is High impact news or an  intersection between the European session and the US session that you want to avoid. Timing uses local time or vps time.

It is highly recommended to activate this feature when entering the UK session and the intersection of merging UK, European and US sessions when using aggressive sets.

MT4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/53495

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Versión 1.6 2020.09.26
Remove second close percentage profit to close partial
Versión 1.5 2020.09.25
Update code close partial by percentage
Versión 1.4 2020.09.21
+ added second percentage partial close 2
Versión 1.3 2020.09.21
+ Fix bug for pause trade by max spread
Versión 1.2 2020.09.17
+ Update code recovery mode : Lite 1 & 2
+ Added recovery mode : Lite 3
Versión 1.1 2020.09.16
+ Update code for close partial by percentage