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My Account Protector
Monica Labrador Lopez
This is a simple padlock who allows you to lock an especific amount of your balance, if you set a balance of 1250 and your balance goes below It will close automatically all the orders. You can also use manually the Close All button to close all the orders. It is not necessary to put it in more than 1 graph because its functions already take into account all symbols. If you want to add something new leave me a comment or a review!
Algorithmic LAB
Monica Labrador Lopez
Would you like to know which indicator combinations are the most profitables? If you thought: " Yes, I want " .  This is your lucky day . I OFFER YOU THE POSSIBILITY OF: Combine up to 6 different indicators in a small side of the screen. Decide different Buy and Sell signals for every indicator. Decide different parameters for every indicator. Detect when the indicators give the same signal. (Based on a Match Rate). Visualize in a fast way which combination are profitable. This is a unique
79 USD
Algorithmic LAB EA
Monica Labrador Lopez
Introduction This EA is based on the combination of traditional indicators. It is ready to be configured any way you want... probably the most complete EA 's in the entire market. You can decide from the conditions to enter the market to the management of your own orders and finally the closing system. All of this with an advanced Time filter. Parameters Magic Number -   This is the identification of the EA, if you want to trade with 2 diferent EA's in the same Symbol you have to put diff
165 USD