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Alpha N Trend Indicator

The Alpha-N indicator is a very powerful oscillator. It is an oscillator which provides sharp signals for trend following. Many indicators available on the market tend to provide trend following signals very late: the trend is already well established when they give their signals, and this means that the chances are high that you enter close to or at the end of the trend. The Alpha-N indicator provides many good signals for short or long trades very often early in the trend allowing to catch the majority of the move. In our experience, it is the most accurate trend indicator. Combined with candlestick analysis and fundamental analysis, it is the basis of a solid trend following system. See the snapshots for examples on its accuracy.

How it works? (See illustrated examples of the power of the Alpha-N). The oscillator is represented at the bottom of the chart with green and red bars that oscillate around the zero line. When the price is in an uptrend, the oscillator shows green bars. When the price is in a downtrend, the oscillators shows red bars. When the oscillator changes sign, it is a signal to enter the market (trend changes direction). If the oscillator changes sign from positive (green bar) to negative (red bar), one has to sell. If the oscillator changes sign from negative (red bar) to positive (green bar), one has to buy. The recommended stop loss level is the level of the bar that has generated the change in sign, other stop loss approaches can be as well used.

Indicator parameters

  • Email_alerts: If equal to "true", you will receive email alerts when there is a trend change (first green bar after red bars or first red bar after green bars).
  • Sound_alerts: if equal to "true", you will hear a sound alert when there is a trend change (first green bar after red bars or first red bar after green bars).
  • Green_histo_width: width of the green bars.
  • Green_histo_width: width of the red bars.
  • SPEED: internal parameter that controls the speed parameters of the indicator.
  • DEPTH: internal parameter that controls the depth of calculation of the indicator.
  • Number_of_bars: number of bar that are displayed by the indicator
Manualtrader 2017.11.30 19:41 

I would have given it a 5 star if it has a push notification feature. It does give you false signals but it does anticipate trend change much earlier. It is not a stand alone indicator but works well in conjunction with others. If you ever make an EA on this one, please let me know.

Sinisa Sinjori
Sinisa Sinjori 2015.12.10 09:08 

Indicator, as any other... with many false signals. I wasn't able to backtest it (Demo version), so I buy it - and regret immediately. It would be very nice that Lemmnos (member that post previous comment) illustrate somehow - why is that indicator "the best one". That would be very interesting to see.

Lemnos 2015.07.23 01:54 

Best trend indicator I have tested so far. And I have tested all the trend indicators I could find. I would encourage others to try this indicator and ask questions and provide feedback via comments sections so we can all learn from each other.