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Virtual Trailing MT4


Once profit reaches a predefined TrailingStart value, the EA prevents its decreasing by more than TrailingStop (the value can be set in pips as well as in deposit currency). If trailing is started, it will switch to the next stage once the profit has been increased by TrailingStep value. The EA does not send stop level orders to the broker. The data are stored locally in the EA (invisible for the broker). Hence, the broker can expand the spread as much as he likes, but your trade will be closed once a real level breakout occurs only. Besides, the EA does not require additional time for order sending and processing.


  • Avoid losses after significant price fluctuations and unreasonable widening of spread.
  • Profit trailing starting from 1 pip


  • Instant setup of trailing without order sending and processing
  • You can trail profit starting from 1 pip regardless of the broker settings
  • Automatic adjustment to the 4 and 5 digit quotes
  • Set up of stop levels in pips or deposit currency
  • Robust recovery of working state after restart of the terminal, as well as after loss of network connection
  • The EA can be applied to any currency pair and used together with any other EAs

Application of the EA can be restricted by:

  • Currency Pair
  • Magic Number
  • Order Ticket

The tool is ideal for those who prefer to keep the SL levels private.

PeterSwaby 2019.07.23 05:30 

This is a very good expert adviser for maximising the profit of a trade. It is simple, affordable and I have made money using it.