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EA Technic

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EA Technic is a professional fully automated mid-term, low-risk expert. To select the optimal entry points, an adaptive price movement analysis module is used. The EA does not use indicators, grid, martingale, arbitrage. Each position includes a stop loss. All open transactions are accompanied by an advanced control algorithm, which is based on a two-stage trailing stop and a multi-step profit taking system. The EA includes protection against high spreads, separate time and day trading filters and allows you trade with a fixed lot or use automatic lot calculation based on MM module.


  • Adaptive price movement analizer;
  • Dynamic offsets correction system;
  • Multistage profit closure algorithm;
  • Each trade protected by stop-loss;
  • Not used indicators, martingale, arbitrage;
  • High spread protection;
  • Time and day filters;
  • Flexible settings.


  • FixedLot - fixed trading lot; 
  • UseMM - use automatic lot calculation;
  • OrderRisk - risk per trade, %;
  • MinTP - minimum take profit, pips;
  • MaxSL - maximum stop loss, pips;
  • InitTrailSL - initial trailing stop level, pips;
  • MainTrailSL - main trailing stop level, pips;
  • BreakEven - breakeven level, pips;
  • TPLevels - take profit levels;
  • LotPercent - TPLevel lot size, %;
  • BuyOffset - offset to set long positions;
  • BuyCorrection - dynamic offset correction for long positions;
  • SellOffset - offset to set short positions; 
  • SellCorrection - dynamic offset correction for long positions;
  • VisualSL - use visual stop-loss level;
  • SmartMode - use SM+ recovery system;
  • SDistance - distance between SM channel levels, pips;
  • SProfit - profit of SM recovery system, pips;
  • SLotPercent - lot percentage for SM additional order, %; 
  • SContraction - SM channel contraction percentage, %;
  • UseNewsFilter - use the news filter;
  • DetectLowNews - detect low importance news;
  • PauseBeforeLow - pause before the release of news with low importance, min;
  • PauseAfterLow - pause after the release of news with low importance, min;
  • DetectMiddleNews - detect medium importance news;
  • PauseBeforeMiddle - pause before the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • PauseAfterMiddle  - pause after the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • DetectHighNews -  detect high-priority news;
  • PauseBeforeHigh - pause before the release of news with high importance, min;
  • PauseAfterHigh - pause after the release of news with high importance, min;
  • DetectNFPNews - detect "Non Farm Payrolls" news;
  • PauseBeforeNFP - pause before the NFP release, min;
  • PauseAfterNFP - pause after the NFP release, min;
  • SymbolNews - track the news of the current symbol only;
  • ServerGMT - trading server GMT zone;          
  • UseSpreadFilter - use high spread protection;
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread, pips;
  • UseTimeFilter - use time filter;
  • HourStart - trading start hour;
  • MinuteStart - trading start minute;
  • HourEnd - trading end hour;
  • MinuteEnd - trading end minute;
  • Monday - Monday trading filter;
  • Tuesday - Tuesday trading filter;
  • Wednesday - Wednesday trading filter;
  • Thursday - Thursday trading filter;
  • Friday - Friday trading filter;
  • RndPriceModule - detection of round price levels;
  • RndLevelDeviation - round level deviation, pips;
  • TradeComment - comments for Ea's orders;
  • Channel - entry point search range, bars;
  • ShowPanel - show ea's information panel;
  • Magic - unique identifier for Ea's orders.


  • Minimum recommended deposit is $100.
  • Use an ECN broker with a low spread and fast order execution.
  • Main symbols: EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY. Timeframes: H1, H4 and higher.
  • To get best trading results use VPS with fast connection.

BRADLEY PATRICK 2020.07.03 02:27 

A great EA with no overall losses.

akaziaa 2020.07.01 18:12 

This EA is very sensitive to spreads. Keep in mind that the author's signal is traded in the best environment of a demo account. (1 position takes 10% risk.)

MICHALBUDAY 2020.07.01 15:32 

excllent job

BAIXAR HR-K 2020.07.01 12:37 

Fanur ist ein Großartiger Mensch, er hat gerade mein MT4, das heißt seinen EA installiert Großartig. war fast eine 3/4 Stunde damit beschäftigt, ohne zu jammern. Ich hatte mir seinen EA der ja öffentlich ist, angesehen 4 % Tagesgewinn keinen DD "TOP"

Mari 2020.06.29 10:17 

This EA is excellent. It is very safe which is the most important thing. The author must be smart with his clever algorithm and is a nice person.

PoZiDon 2020.06.29 09:51 

I hope it work as long term

Adolf Wagner
Adolf Wagner 2020.06.25 11:17 

Я хочу толко одну деталь добавить к другим рейтингам для EA Technic Expert Advisor. Для меня как начинающего, было трудно установить правильные настройки для робота. По моей просьбе Fanur соединился с моим ломпьютером и настроил так, как должно работать. С того момента Робот выполняет свою работу прележно. Робот приносит не большую но уверенную прибыль. Спасибо Fanur за прекрасную разработку. Пять звёзд эта разработка заслуживает, а также готовнось помочь заслуживает отдельной похвалы. Советую испробовать.

Erwin 2020.06.25 10:40 

The ea not work on my account.

Jordan637 2020.06.23 12:48 

This Is a very safe EA in its default settings and has huge potential also but more importantly Fanur is so helpful and very good at responding to questions and helping out.

qourat 2020.06.20 01:09 

I trade for less than half-day using my real account and got unexpected results of around 4%, which is something perfect that I never expect. Not to forget, the author's help and communication are very polite and willing to help, thanks. I recommend giving it a try to understand what I mean.

RobotGrail 2020.06.16 17:05 

Это очень хороший советник ! В роботах хорошо разбираюсь мне понравилась его логика работы !

ronny1111 2020.06.16 07:12 

A fine piece of software! The behaviour of the EA reminds a little on the famous "Doit!"-EA - but this one had always problems with too small wins and big losses. Here with the the Technic-EA we have a good recovery strategy, that works just fine. I tested it with some success on USDCAD to - only a suggestion for further improvements. Will study the EA the next weeks in deep. It's possible I could suggest another recover strategy with lowered Lotsizes (better than higher) to the author - developed some times ago for another EA (please send pm, here's not the place for these tricks...;-) ). I think this could bring the EA to the next level. At the time: Highly recommended, the best EA I tested so far this year (around 100). For this price a steal. I give six stars....damn, there are only five.... Ron

cheese24433526 2020.06.16 06:23 

This is now the best ea in mql5,tested both live and demo account, orders all closed in very short time with profit!!And author is also very nice and responsive to my questions

AlexPC77 2020.06.04 17:59 

Очень крутой советник! Огромное спасибо Фанур!

W J 2020.06.04 16:54 

Will update my original review. Fanur is really helpful and went out of his way to help with setting things up with the EA. I have the EA in a demo account now and it seems to be performing well. A little bit on the conservative side. But that is good.

Emmanuel Risse
Emmanuel Risse 2020.05.14 21:23 

Great EA, loads of green pips, thanks so much for this

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2020.05.08 23:40 

The strategy is correct and the result is optimal.

Brooklyn2020 2020.04.19 13:57 

I just bought EA Technic. I believe it will work well like SAPPHIRE. When the market suffer from COVID-19, this new EA must survive in the future.

uchimi 2020.04.18 10:43   

all lose

negatory 2020.04.17 07:25 

Just bought this, was a Fan of Sapphire.

join us at https://t.me/EATECHNIC to discuss forward live performance

Olga Snizhko
Olga Snizhko 2020.04.16 12:25 

":) This EA is aimed only for long-term trading, with tick data suite testing, it showed an overall good result if we take periods of a year, since there were months when it lost money but restored losses in the next month.

iam3315 2020.04.15 14:13 

EA Sapphire has helped me make a good profit, so I bought you your new ea immediately, I believe your ea will definitely be profitable.

Versión 1.9 2020.06.22
- new improved entry points analizer that provides even higher profit/loss ratio;
- new visual take profit option;
- new Friday Hour End option;
- fixed bugs.
Versión 1.8 2020.05.06
- added "SMART MODE +" new advanced recovery system that increase profit/loss ratio and perfomance of the EA;
- added flexible news filter;
- optimized all ea's modules;
- updated information panel;
- optimized settings;
- fixed bugs.