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This is an advanced version of Martin's strategy. The price fluctuations of the foreign exchange market are different from the traditional Martin Gell's casino strategy, so we have made some changes based on this strategy.

After 19 years of historical backtesting, we found that the data of the price trend of gold made this strategy work, so we made a correction of the Martin multiples and the most suitable interval for opening orders, making this strategy not only suitable for

consolidation, Encountering a single trend market trend will also reach the profit target at a slight price correction

This strategy is recommended to cooperate with the SuperMartinSellForXAUUSD strategy for better results. No matter where the market goes, there are profit goals that can be achieved

EA opens orders as soon as it starts, and operates 24 hours.Because it is not based on indicators, it is not affected by the market and indicators until you turn off the interval switch.

The biggest profit point of this strategy is that when the price callback reaches the profit target, the profit amount is high

Related suggestions for using this strategy:

1.Minimum USD 30,000

2. The maximum spread should not exceed 50 (this EA will automatically adjust the profit target according to the broker's spread)

3. Use VPS

4.H1 time zone

5.use standard account, no commission.

6.Account leverage 1:500

Please test on the demo account to ensure that the platform program can work normally and achieve the expected goals

EA settings:

Martingale NonStop = ture (continue to place an order after profit), false (stop placing an order after profit)

The following is a demo account test (buy order and sell order)


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