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Green EYE

A professional fully automated trading advisor that implements a medium-term trading system.

The Expert Advisor does not use: martingale, grid, averaging, hedging and is not a scalper.

Each trade is protected by a fixed stop-loss. 

Monitoring (mql5 signals): link#1  link#2

In one Expert Advisor three strategies are implemented, each strategy works separately from the other one. Each strategy uses a unique Magic number, which is generated by based on one common with the addition of several numbers at the end.

Trend-tracking trading system with work in the flat. There can always be up to 3 orders in one direction inclusive. High trading activity - up to 80-90% of the Expert Advisor time in the market. The Expert Advisor starts trading immediately after it is placed on the chart (if there are trading conditions), so choose a small risk to avoid an immediate drawdown!

Currency pair EURUSD
Working timeframe H1

To diversify risks, it is possible to use several Expert Advisors on the same account at the same time. Simply download ready-made set-files and use them simultaneously, while reducing risks is advisable.

Trading lot - you specify in the settings the lot that will be used by each of the three strategies, if you specify 0.03, then each strategy will use 0.03 lot - in the amount of 0.03x3=0.09 lot, this is for 1000$, if you run three EAs, then specify 0.01 for the strategy, so the total sum will be same 0.01x3=0.09 lot for 1000$- is medium risk
In short: 1 Expert Advisor for 1000$ - specify 0.03 lot
              3 Expert Advisors for 1000$ - specify 0.01 lot

Leverage: 1/500

To take a profit, each trade is provided with its take profit and there is also a possibility to use a trailing stop.

Depending on the volatility, there can be up to 40 x 3 deals per month on average. The time to hold positions ranges from a few minutes to a few days.

The trading advisor is not sensitive to the spread and does not require fast execution of trading orders. However, it is advisable to use ECN brokers with lower spread and minimum StopLevel for setting Stop Loss and Take Profit. It works only with 5-digit quotes.

The Expert Advisor is easy to use and suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The Expert Advisor comes with optimal parameters and the user sets only traded lot, Magic number, time offset and other settings. Optimization is on the author's side. Here you can find more details:

  • The Expert Advisor does not need to be optimized by the user. Green EYE is equipped with a unique system of strategy correction based on hash strings (command lines).
  • On the author's side, command hash strings are generated for each strategy that slightly changes the EA's behavior in the current, changing market. 
  • Set Files with command hash strings are published as needed in the blog and/or here. During the operation of the Expert Advisor, the user can download instructions for existing strategies, thus adapting its work to the changing market.

Expert Advisor does not depend on trading mode (demo/real), and there and there trading is identical. However, for different brokers the trade may slightly differ due to the difference in quotes of different brokers.

In a strategy tester, you cannot use an open-price testing model and control points, as this will give a wrong result

Description of parameters, as well as details about the system of strategy correction (hash string, hash strategy) can be found in blog - https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734701

EA SETTINGS are here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734702

SET-FILES (with updates) here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734835

The expert advisor has been in development since 2019

Past results do not guarantee future performance

Vitaliy Konovalov
Vitaliy Konovalov 2020.05.29 03:52   

Несоответствует тестированию даже на демо

forexthai.in.th 2020.05.28 11:59 


Andrey Sokov
Andrey Sokov 2020.05.28 04:52 

За май -15% от депозита. Из 15 сделок только 3 прибыльные.

aomanimal 2020.05.27 16:21 

It keeps making more loses than profits and does not have any surprise strategy as it shows in Backtest.

I did actually try many different approaches for a month to run the EA but the results were just not as impressive as the backtest :(

Pruntyi1974 2020.05.27 12:41 

Unfortunately, I lost a lot. Please return my money ($ 476)

keryann 2020.05.27 11:18 

It's bullshit, don't buy it

shawnbreeze 2020.05.26 19:16 

Totally fake backtesting. Totally unlogical trading on real account.

Thomas Guglielmi
Thomas Guglielmi 2020.05.25 22:52 

Loss of money only ... bogus and untrue backtests

JMoney 2020.05.25 11:53 

Backtests are somehow tampered, wasted money only to be tricked; complete garbage. You will lose money. Don't spend a single cent on this fraud EA.

Vladimiro Bravo
Vladimiro Bravo 2020.05.24 01:54 

Does not matches backtesting with real trading account, have tried all strategies, internal and external

coltac 2020.05.20 16:36 

Backtests seem to be tampered with somehow, only losses so far... I would steer clear of this one if i were you.

Trader1614 2020.05.19 16:10 

Dont buy this EA you will loose money in days

AricD 2020.05.19 15:15 

Backtesting does not match real performance. Waste of money, do not buy.

84829645 2020.05.19 15:10 

Policy failure

Don't know why they keep losing money

Imran Arafat
Imran Arafat 2020.05.19 14:15 

The EA suddenly stopped functioning, leading me to losses. and huge drawdown on my trading account.

do not believe in back testing. It is not functioning in REAL Time account.

ferid14 2020.05.19 06:29 

This EA work for me very good.And results same with BT. Thanks for excellent EA. Recomended.

Hermano Vivaldi
Hermano Vivaldi 2020.05.19 00:08 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

zack4x 2020.05.19 00:06 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Assi Sinyor
Assi Sinyor 2020.05.14 13:51 

The most stupid ea i have ever seen scammers

colt45 2020.05.12 10:00 

sells low buys high.

Wayside48 2020.05.11 11:34 

Backtesting looks very promising. I have been running it on a live ActivTrades spreadbet account for three weeks now and the results of this look good so far too, but it is rather early to get a reliable picture.

However, there is one IMPORTANT WARNING that I must put out there to anyone thinking of using this on an IG Index Spreadbet account. I have been unable to test the EA directly on my IG account because for some reason (probably the "£" character in the IG symbol name) the EA thinks there is insufficient free margin to open a position. However it does work on a live account. BUT, the EA's position sizing algorithm uses the information which is being returned incorrectly by the broker. Currently (and I will take this up with IG) the broker seems to think that the margin requirement for 1 lot is £5.40 which is clearly ridiculous - especially given the account leverage of 30:1.

The problem with this is that it results in the EA opening positions considerably larger than you would expect (in my case it opened at 5.2 instead of 0.1). So, for now at least DO NOT RUN IN AUTO LOT MODE on an IG Index Spreadbet account. For now I am running in fixed size mode, but I think the "lots_adding" mode should be ok.

I have reviewed the position sizing code of the EA and I personally think it is wrong. It is calculating the position size as a function of the maximum size you could possibly open, based on the available free margin, and the "risk_percent" value. So, this is not giving you an indication of what percentage of your account you stand to lose if trades continually fail. It also means that if you test on an account with a leverage of, say, 30:1 and then put the EA live on an account with a 300:1 leverage (if only we could in Europe!), you position sizes would be 10 times larger so your account would deplete 10 times faster than you expected if the EA does not perform to expectations!

Provided you know and understand the above limitations, based on a lot of backtesting but only three weeks of live testing I'm giving it 4 stars for now.

PeterSwaby 2020.05.11 01:16 

This is junk. Don't buy it or use it.

Deipir 2020.05.07 09:17 

Арендовал данного эксперта на 3 месяца для теста. Счет реальный, депозит 1000 usd, использую настройки set4, set5, set6 (по мм 0.01 лот на сделку, в сумме открывается до 9 следок общим объемом до 0.1 лота). Запуск 29 апреля, на сегодняшний день профит составляет 157.39 usd

Andrew Grobelski
Andrew Grobelski 2020.05.05 18:41 

Just started this EA this month and I am going to run it for the next 30 days to see how it performs, the back testing looks promising but I have noticed right from the start on a real account it just opened a trade up right away in a area where I wouldn't normally trade but let see how this rolls. I am giving it three stars for now and will give a full review at the end of the month.

Allan Haraldsson
Allan Haraldsson 2020.05.05 07:22 

Terrible performance

And the author takes too much to answer your doubts and sometimes he didnt even bother to answer

Tradebillion 2020.05.02 23:48 

He tenido muy buenos resultados en real con este EA en su forma original (default), con el lotaje al mínimo.

Heraman 2020.05.02 15:53 

Отзывчивый автор. Но эксперт выдаёт положительный результат только в тестах.

Moataz Hesham
Moataz Hesham 2020.05.01 13:16 

So far, so good ! ... Thanks Aliaksandr

Rutabaca 2020.04.30 16:45 

So far my account is down 15% after almost one month of live trading. Using all three set files. Backtesting results don't seem to be matching live performance. If results get better, I will update my review.

Live monitoring: myfxbook.com/members/Rutabaca/green-eye/5679378

udyweb 2020.04.27 21:01 

I didn't make any profit .

qingyun666 2020.04.17 15:04   

If I shut down MT4 with the computer on the weekend, I will open the computer and MT4 again on Monday. Is EA still in charge of the original order EA placed? Once again, the EA will not recognize the previous list after reloading. Will it place another round of orders on Monday? Specific how, give directions please, thank!

Sylvain5947 2020.04.08 19:05 

Very promising in backtest, to see in real

Tao Yang
Tao Yang 2020.04.05 08:29 

Hope and back-test performance!

Versión 2.2 2020.05.19
Fixed trailing stop work for some accounts with StopLevel level > 0
Changes in the information panel, deletion of some unnecessary text labels, also small additions
Fixed the bug of not enough bars for users of some brokers, if the history was not loaded
Optimization of the inside engine and distribution of strategies with different periods with the possibility of working in dafault mode
code improvements
Adding new set files. New set files will be available at https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734835 a little later (19-20 May 2020)
Versión 2.1 2020.04.17
Hot Fix
Fixed error in trailing stop operation
Fixed error output in log file
+minor corrections
Versión 2.0 2020.04.12
The calculation of the time offset has changed, now it does not depend on the time of the trading server and does not depend on the market work.
Removed two parameters in the Expert Advisor
-Use AutoTime Offset, ?
-Manual Time Offset, hours
Instead of them there is now one parameter - +Broker's GMT Time Offset, hours - here is the time offset of your broker relative to GMT time in hours.
You can check the GMT time on the Internet.
(formula)Broker's GMT Time Offset, hours = Broker's time - gmt time (for example for roboforex Broker's GMT Time Offset = 3). Or ask your broker what the offset is.
Fixed errors with loading strategies
Fixed minor bugs
Small changes in the info panel
Versión 1.9 2020.04.05
changed the time offset calculation to take into consideration the hour shift.
Added a parameter for setting a comment on trades
Changed the icon in the Expert Advisor, and the size of the ex4 executable file was reduced by half
Has optimized the code in some places.
Removed mistakes in the EA panel