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Market Crawler

Market crawler will crawl into your market place and grab an information of pair that related to the pair in the opened chart. For example, if you are using GBPUSD pair, market crawler will find a pair that related to GBP as well as all pair that related to USD. Then, the indicator will calculated the percentage of strength according to these collection of pair every minute, and displayed it on the screen. It's a good tool for monitoring the overall condition of the market before you enter or exit the market. Combine this with you favorite indicator and see the magic.

Direction: Top percentage indicated "BUY" while bottom percentage indicated "SELL".

This indicator might not be suitable to be used for gold trading and make sure you click "show all" in the marketplace to enabled wide coverage of currency.

Good luck and happy trading.

For any bug, you can report to me directly or just write in the comment section.

Thank you.


Indicator_location = Adjust this parameter to change the position of the panel.

Itnas 2019.10.04 03:37 

Спасибо. Теперь шикарно.

Versión 1.10 2019.10.02
The indicator panel was replaced into the main chart instead of sub-window. The user can now change the position of the panel by changing the "Indicator-location" parameter.