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Progressor EA

The PROGRESSOR EA works on open prices of a candle, trades on the two original indicator, which compares the signals on the three time frames.

Tracking the trend, the EA opens deals on reversals towards the main trend. Deals are closed by indicator signals or take-profit.

For trading and testing, install the EA on the M15 time frame.

Set files for trading and testing - https://PROGRESSOR SETS

If you have any questions, please write me a private message.


  • LOT - Trading volume.
  • LOT_MM_1 - The number of orders with the same lot which is set in the parameters LOT.
  • LOT_MM_2 - After how many orders will increase the trading lot.
  • BALANCE_MM - Money management.
  • MAGIC - Order magic number.
  • PROFIT_BALANCE - Profit in the Deposit currency after which the trailing-stop is enabled.
  • TRAILING_STEP - Trailing-stop step in Deposit currency.
  • NUMBER_ORDERS - Number of orders to calculate profit.
  • LOCKE_TAKE_PROFIT - Enable / disable the take-profit setting.
  • TAKE_PROFIT_POINTS - Take-profit in points.
  • NUMBER_ORDERS_LOCKE - The number of orders to set the total take-profit.
  • LOCKE_LEVEL_POINTS - The total take-profit in pips for multiple orders.
  • STEP_LIMIT_ORDERS - Distance in points for limit orders.
  • PERIOD_1 - Indicator parameter.
  • PERIOD_2 - Indicator parameter.
  • PERIOD_3 - Indicator parameter.

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