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Multi Matrix Trader MT5

We are investing in our experience additional 100K real money, do you want to join us in our journey?

Live trading results : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/604257

Multi Matrix Trader is a fully automated trading Expert Advisor, which combines experience in financial markets and rigorous use of analytical mathematics in order to fade unbalanced currency pairs on the best possible timing. Multi Matrix Trader uses a dynamic approach succeeds in various setups by offering stable and consistent performance. It is supported by a triple analysis: technical, mathematical and behavioral on 7 major currencies: EUR-USD-JPY-GBP-CHF-CAD-AUD. The strategy indicates several transactions per month, always on a short-term horizon ranging from a few hours to a few days.

Thanks to a highly effective diversification, a high level of planning reliability, constant monitoring, thorough in-house analysis and the usage of professional security tools, Multi Matrix Trader offers relatively low investment risks.   Every basket is secured with a StopLoss! 


    • Minimum Funds: $1000
    • VPS is a must.
    • Broker with low spread (STP/DMA preferable).
    • ESMA Suitable with leverage as low as 1:25.

    -If you have a suffix (ex. CADCHF.p) the Expert Advisor will recognize it.

    Multi Matrix Trader has 2 different Modes :

    - Moderate : Moderate mode has very unique trading algorithm which analyses the trading conditions and compares them with the current market volatility. With this method of analysis the Expert Advisor can achieve pretty good performance, while every trade is secured with a Stop Loss. Moderate mode requires $1.000 minimum investment. 

    - Conservative : The Conservative mode is the less risky one. It may not have the same performance as the Moderate, but the risk of hitting a Stop Loss is very low.

    The Backtest result is using Multi Matrix Trader on Moderate mode. 

    Instructions for using Multi Matrix Trader : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/727922 

    For more details about the performance of the EA or any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Why should I trust Multi Matrix Trader ? – I am the creator and developer of Multi Matrix Trader and I have personally invested 100,000.00 EUR into my trading strategy. I believe no other developers selling his systems here are investing more than couple of thousands in his own strategy. I am showing real results, with real trades not only back tests. 

    Why am I selling Multi Matrix Trader if it's working? – Rephrasing the question – Why successful mutual funds, invest funds, pension funds are still accepting new investors?   It is very simple – I am benefiting from the performance of the Multi Matrix Trader and on top, I am also generating additional incomes from selling my knowledge and experience build in the trading interface and I believe it is fair enough.

    I have heard a working trading system would stop working if many traders start to using it. Is it true? – Absolutely not and the explanation is very simple – There are many electronic trading hubs/exchanges, liquidity pools and dark pools where banks, investment firms, pension and investment funds brokerage companies as well as commercials are buying and selling currencies accepting the orders: LMAX, Currenex, Integral, Broadway and many others. When a retail client sends an order, his brokerage company if it ECN/STP broker receives and transmit the order for execution in one or more Liquidity pools where many banks , investment companies, mutual funds trades for them and also for their customers, so there are huge liquidity to accept the orders. That said, from the execution side it might influence with some positive/negative slippage, but that is all – the orders always will be filed and the system will keeps working.  

    Just to open a brackets if the order is executed with Market Maker broker, this is not a scalping system and even the Market Maker broker could cover the trades and to benefit from spreads difference and still to achieve “win-win” case.

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    Versión 2.12 2019.10.12
    -Added the Break Even percentage as a variable.
    Versión 2.11 2019.10.07
    - Added new function - Automatic Currency Converter.
    The main currencies for the EA are USD and EUR.
    If you are using one of the following currencies the EA will automatically recalculate the money management: AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY, GBP, NZD.
    If you are using other currencies, private message me.
    Versión 2.10 2019.10.06
    * The EA is now FIFO compliant.
    * Added deviation window which indicates the SL/TP percentages. In some cases, the EA won't wait until the TP percentage is reached and it might close the trades earlier, due to other factors.
    Versión 2.6 2019.09.25
    -Added option for changing Take Profit percentages.
    Versión 2.5 2019.09.20
    -Fixing risk management bug.
    Versión 2.4 2019.09.10
    -Fixing custom suffix bug.
    Versión 2.3 2019.09.09
    -Fixing custom suffix bug.
    Versión 2.2 2019.08.28
    -Option for custom suffixes added.
    Versión 2.1 2019.08.25
    -Bringing back the old Conservative settings
    -Making automatic money management customizable.