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Triple Currency Power Meter Triple CPM

Triple Currency Power Meter is a unique, simple, adaptive and powerful trading system that accurately and quickly computes the real-time, stable and significant Currency Power (Trend Intensity + Strength + Momentum) using average data from three different timeframes with three different algorithms; configures the Bullish-Power and Bearish-Power metering for each main currency with respect to the prevailing Volatility and then, alerts or signals the most trending Currency Pairs from its Signal Box. The alerted Trade Signals are high-probability trade setup that come with effective StopLoss and TakeProfit.

Triple Currency Power Meter (Triple CPM) is a multi-timeframe and multicurrency with  built-in sophisticated algorithms that scans, analyses all the 28 common currency pairs and gives you the most significant currency power of each of these 8 common currencies AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD and NZD in Forex Trading.

It shows you a big-picture view of the current market or fundamental conditions at a glance, allowing you to trade active or strong market. Its Signal Box configures the final Currency Power and then alerts the Currency Pairs to trade for smooth low-risk entry point. This indicator helps you to avoid all the flashes, chops, spikes, noises and other similar distortions due to sudden 'volatile' price movements against your trades or positions.

WITHOUT reading charts for line crosses, WITHOUT getting glued to your computer screen and WITHOUT reading User Manual, you can make more, large pips with the Trade-Signal Alert that comes with effective StopLoss and TakeProfit - and trade on the go. Below is a sample of the Trade Signal Alert;

Triple CPM
Time: 2019.09.13  01:44
DepthH: D1
DepthM: H4
DepthL: M30
Trade: Buy GBPJPY
StopLoss: 132.84
TP 133.94

TP 2: 133.87


The main strategy is to trade the Currency Divergence - buy the strong currency and sell the weak currency . The indicator already does this for you and alerts momentarily you the most trending Currency Pairs to trade, thanks to the Signal Box

  • Buy Rule; Buy when the indicator alerts Buy Signal along with the StopLoss and TakeProfit
  • Sell Rule; Sell when the indicator alerts Sell Signal along with the StopLoss and TakeProfit

Triple CPM: Adaptive and Convertible Ideas

 The recommended timeframes setting are described below;

  • MN, W1, D1           (Suitable for Swing Trading)
  • W1, D1, H4           (Suitable for Day Trading)
  • D1, H4, M30          (Suitable for Intraday Trading)
  • H4, M30, M5          (Suitable for Scalping)

Top Reasons Why Triple Currency Power Meter Is A Must-have
  • It is easier to set up and use
  • It NEVER repaints or backpaints
  • It makes you to trade professionally
  • Its signals are much more accurate
  • It removes guesswork and gives facts
  • It alerts safe currency pairs to trade
  • It is never lagging, but a leading indicator
  • It enables a set-and-forget style of trading
  • It interprets the deep effects of economic news
  • All calculations and alert signals are in real time
  • It gives trade signals along with safe TAKE-PROFIT and STOP-LOSS
  • It saves you time, energy of staying in front of the computer screen every time

Key Features and Parameters

  • M1 and M2 are used to obtain the StopLoss and Take profits. If M1 and M2 are increased, then the number of pips for StopLoss and TakeProfits would increase too and vice-versa. The default settings are very effective.
  • Buy_Bullish and Sell_Bearish: These parameters determine how powerful alerted signal are. The settings below will create very powerful but rare trade signals and that is good for the Scalpers or Lower-timeframe set
            Buy-Bullish 1;  6.2 (or 6.4)
            Sell-Bearish 1; –6.2 (or –6.4)
            Buy-Bullish 2;  6.2 (or 6.4)
            Sell-Bearish 2; –6.2 (or –6.4)
  • The Inputs Setting can be customized - the timeframes, text size, colour, etc
  • The Indicator alerts the Screen, Email, Phone and Push notifications; all can be adjusted to your desired setting
  • You will always have Technical Support and Help 24/7 for any question!

It is easy in use as it does NOT demand special skills - It is possible to begin RIGHT NOW

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