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FX Gold MA

FX Gold MA compares the current price with the price of each bar from the entire history you have specified.

Then it assigns weight to each obtained value: from the smaller one of the older bars to the greater one of the latest bars.

Then it draws a line using arithmetic mean.

The indicator can also build the channel

  • I recommend that you use the channel on H1 or larger timeframes;
  • it is better not to trade towards the channel during the trade sessions;
  • pay attention to MA overall direction;
  • the channel is useful when placing and moving orders.


  • Number of Analyzed Bars - number of bars for analysis (for calculation of each value of the curve);
  • Length of the Curve - curve length on a chart;
  • Show Channel - "true"- build and display the channel, "false"- channel disabled.

The indicator uses only closed bars for its calculations, therefore, it does not "redraw".

Despite the fact that the indicator's source code contains the loop running at each history bar, the indicator is very fast, as all calculations are performed only when a new bar opens.

Good luck, my friends!

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