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Bollinger Stoc EA1

The pair precedes a bearish trend and then enters in a sideways direction so that we have the buying psychology

The pair is up to the upper limit of the Bollinger Binary Index, which is attempting to appear after the strength of the sell.

The price reverts back down to the middle of the Bollinger Bands as a test of the strength of the seller and buyer within the market.

When the bounce from the average Bollinger to above this is evidence of the control of purchasing power on the market for the next period and considers that signal is an advanced signal because it precedes the price predicting a rising trend ahead of the current and is one of the most important signs of the Bollinger index.
The positive cross of the Stochastic is making a buy signal.

Stop the losses below the previous bottom before the bottom of the entry so that we can avoid the fluctuations in the price that occurs in the market at the time of different economic news.

Price target When the price reaches the lower limit of the Bollinger Bollinger back again and the bounce back below the average here is the closing of the buy because this is evidence of the control of the sales force in the next direction.

You can boost your buying with each return process. Price to Medium Bollinger Bands + Stochastic Stochastic Positive Cross


EA technically works on any currency pair, but for best results use

it on the following currencies: EURUSD  GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF AUDUSD EURJPY USDCAD . or any other currency whose spread less than 8pips

Time Frame:

5 Minute Time frame

Minimum recommended amount and Leverage :

Min Recommended Leverage: 1:400 or More.

Min Recommended Deposit : 1000 USD or Equivalent amount.

Lot 0.01

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