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MA money manegment

The MA maney manegment indicator is a trend indicator based on moving averages. The display has two parameters, the dots indicate the bars in the buy zone — red, bottom or sale — blue, top. The second indication is arrows indicating entry points. On the side, this indicator works poorly, but the side is easy to understand by a large number of signals. Entry points are determined on the basis of MA breakdown, clearback, breakdown breakdown. Stop loss should be set along the bay zone and sell zone lines. These zones are calculated automatically, but there is also a manual setting of these zones. To work with the indicator, I recommend using the Stop loss visual indicator (free).


-bars - the number of bars processed by the indicator

-zone - setting the bay zone and sell zone, with 0.0 set automatically

-period_MA - moving average period

-maney_manegment- when the parameter is enabled, the entry points are determined only within zones, when disabled, anywhere on the chart. This parameter depends on volatility and timeframe.

The indicator was mainly tested on oil, I recommend to trade at a certain time, for visits in a calm market and further on the situation.

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