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Hammer bar

Operation Principle

  • The Expert Advisor looks for a strong movement on every bar and places two pending orders at a predetermined distance in points.
  • A position is closed based on the total profit or loss in the account currency or in points.
  • No indicators are used.
  • It uses the method of averaging, in which the last open position in the direction of price movement always has the largest volume.
  • It uses filters - time, Moving Average and revers of placed orders.

Main Features

  • The Expert Advisor is very well suited for trading on the "news"
  • It can run on ECN-accounts.
  • Suitable for all periods, but the best one is M15, H1
  • Any currency pairs, as the EA expects a strong movement and does not often enter the market.
  •  It can trade breakthroughs and rollbacks.

Trading and Brokers

  • Any broker, preferably with a fixed spread.
  • Trading can start with $100 and the initial lot 0.01
  • The best variant is to run the EA on several currency pairs simultaneously.
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Versión 2.0 2014.08.20
Implemented placing of pending orders depending on the indicator BBbands
Versión 1.61 2014.06.03
Optimized main trade options.
Fixed order execution errors.