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Hedge Tunnel

Real Live Signal 


Minimun Balance 1000$ standard or cent account .

Ea get stable and progressive profit in basket hedge strategy.

Ea open auto more currency and close it auto on target Profit.

Simple use and full auto.

Default setting is for all account balance.


 StarTime=01; time close rollower time , usually 01 GMT Time

 StopTime=21; time open rollower time, ususlly 21 GMT time

 AutoLot=true;Money Menagement lots auto  , get lot=Balance/1000*LotsFix

 UseFixGrid=false;Ea work in grid strategy, so if false lot is increase, if true lot is same.

 LotsFix=0.01;set here lot who want use , if AutoLot is false this is lot fix, if AutoLot is true this is Balance/1000*LotsFix

 Target=20; target profit in currency where all basket trade is close .

 TargetLoss=150; target where ea start new basket trade.


 Comment="HedgeTunnel";Comment you want see in the terminal comment

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