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TS HedgeBasket Free

TS HedgeBasket Free is a multi-currency EA that trades multiple major currency pairs and cross pairs.

The trades are organized with currency "basket". They are grouped and hedged for better management of risks and profits. 

It is the free version of TS HedgeBasket EA, so it has some limitations:

  • It only trades with the minimum volume in each order. (0.01 lot, 0.1 lot, etc. based on the account setting).
  • The max number of positions in one basket is limited to 6. So the hedging capability of free version is limited comparing with the standard version.
  • The customizable input parameters are also limited.
  • On the user panel, there is no button to quick close all the orders in one currency basket.
  • Standard version users will get higher priority technical support.

You may get the standard version here.

It is very easy to use.  You may attach the EA on any chart of the MT4 terminal, the EA will monitor and trade on up to 10 currency pairs simultaneously.

  • Major Currency Pairs: EURUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF

Please Note: The MT4 Strategy Tester can test only one currency pair a time. So it is not suitable to test this EA with Strategy Tester. 

The MT5 version of this EA was just released. It is using the same strategy with the MT4 version. And the Strategy Tester for MT5 does support the multiple currrency pairs back testing. So if you are interested in the back test result, please have a look at the TS-HedgeBasket for MT5 EA.

Input Parameters:

  • Order TP in Pips - TP in pips of each order (for 4,5 digits currency pairs such as EURUSD, the price unit is 0.0001, for 2,3 digits currency pairs such as USDJPY, the price unit is 0.01).
  • Order SL in Pips - SL in pips of each order.
  • USD Trade Mode, EUR Trade Mode, GBP Trade Mode, JPY Trade Mode, AUD Trade Mode, NZD Trade Mode,  CAD Trade Mode, CHF Trade Mode - For each currency, you may set the values to "Long and Short/Long only/Short only/Do not trade". For example, because of the Brexit events, the GBP is too volatile. So we set the "GBP Trade Mode" to "Do not Trade" by default.
  • Symbol Suffix: If the symbol names are different with the standard ones, you may use this parameter to customize the symbol names.
  • Magic Number: The special ID of orders opened by this EA.
  • Disable PingPong Strategy: A local trend reversal strategy is added into the EA that trades the symbol which the EA was attached. The main purpose of this strategy is to let the EA can trade current symbol. You can set this parameter to "false" to disable it.

philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.05.29 10:36 

Take profit is lower than stop loss....

Versión 3.11 2019.08.10
Version 3.11 - Features sync with the standard version.
Versión 3.0 2019.07.24
Version 3.0 - Tuning the market entry conditions. Now all the market entry is following the local trend.
Versión 2.203 2019.06.18
1. Change the "Order SL" default value from 180 to 48.
2. On the user panel, when currency power exceeds 25/75, it will be displayed with different colors.
Versión 2.202 2019.05.31
The maximum number of positions in one basket is limited to 6.
Versión 2.201 2019.05.31
Version 2.201 - Fixed a small bug related to currency strength comparison.