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Trend Scan Ichimoku

I create the routine to calculate Ichimoku indicator in long time ago. This help me to get a trending of crypto several month ago and I can enter to follow that trend. 

I create this scan to use for scan others opportunity from other source. And have idea to share to community.

I am on the way to improve a dash board and to provide push notify for it and to be revise in later version.

Ichimoku signal is a rare and reliable for trade in period day. Think about how many pair in the market and how much time to open chart to check every day.

Scan program is the best way to handle this opportunity.


1) Price must close above the cloud.
2) Cloud must be bullish (green).
3) Conversion Line is greater than Base Line
4) Lagging Span is greater or crosses above the clouds.


1) Price must close below the cloud.
2) Cloud ahead must be bearish (red).
3) Conversion Line is below the Base Line.
4) Lagging Span is below or crosses below the cloud.

Once input the parameter and then run it, Bot will scan all Pairs in your Trade Server and Create the indicator with the history file.

After calculation of indicator result, It will print out only the pairs have Signal open buy or Signal open sell. The we open those chart and create the trading.

Ichimoku Parameters


Ichimoku Parameter Options


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Versión 3.40 2019.08.22
Release version 3.4 Update on timer scan routine.
Versión 3.30 2019.08.21
Release version 3.2 Add Back days filter to table.
Versión 3.20 2019.08.19
Release version 3.2 Add last change time into the table.
Versión 3.0 2019.08.19
Release version 3.0 Add table display on chart.