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MT4 Slave Copier

Video MT5 to MT5

Video MT4 to MT5

One activation allow 9 master and unlimited slave account.

EA copy trade from MT4 to MT4 and with MT5 module copy trade from MT4 to MT5 and MT5 to MT4.

Intuitive and simple menagement.

MasterMagic=Master number  where/from copy;

EaComment=If want comment different from master;

Slippage Time=Trade is't copied after this time in second;

UpdateMillisecondTimer=Millisecond update new trade;

Manual Lot if 0 Master Lot= Set 0 if want same master lot or set fix lot;

MaxSpread=Set here MaxSpread above trade is't excuted;

Multiplier=Set Multiplier lots;

Suffix is menaged auto, but you can set master Symbol different.

Copy This Symbol= This symbol is copier To Symbol;

In the Chart is possible select :

Master=true/false; if want use as master ;

Slave=true/false; if want use like slave;

SL_TP=true/false; if want or want not copy stoploss and take profit;

Invert=true/false;  if want or want not invert trade;

Pending=true/false; if want or want not copy Pending Order( order is copied when pending is activate);

SeeTrade=true/false; If want see or see not trade in the chart;

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