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Extra Gold N8

Fully Automated Advisor Extra Gold N8.

The EA opens an order every 15 minutes. Example: a 12:00 order is opened and a 12:15 order is closed. The order is opened 12:15 and the order is closed 12:30.

If the order has not been opened during this time, the unopened order will be automatically deleted. If the order is open, it works with Trailingstop or Stoploss.

Advisor works round the clock. Spread is protected by maxspread. The default file system is EURUSD and GBPUSD. You can create a set of useful set of files.


An ECN account with a minimum spread is required.

Limit & Stop levels = 0 required (CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS):

Use fast VPS;

Minimum deposit: 100 dollars.

The recommended leverage is 1: 100-1: 200;

Use timeframe M15;


AutoLot: initial lot depending on the deposit;

Lots: fixed lot size;

MaxLot: maximum lot;

MaxSpread: maximum spread;

StopLoss: stop loss;

TakeProfit: take profit;

TrailingStop: trailing stop in points;

TrailingStep: trawl pitch;

Delta: indent from price;

OrderExpiry: expiry order (seconds);

Slip: allowable slippage, in points;

Magic: magic number;

InfoShow: screen display;

GMT: broker hour;

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