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FATen50 is a signal indicator based on the FourAverage trend indicator.

The indicator produces accurate signals to achieve close targets. FATen50 was optimized to reach a short-term target of 10 points and limit losses of 50 points. Signals are received 1-2 times a week. On average, 85% of signals are profitable.

How to use it: right after closing of the bar where an arrow has been formed, open a position with TakeProfit = 10 and StopLoss = 50.


  • Pair - select currency pair settings, 1 - EURUSD, 2- GBPUSD.
  • Alert_Print - enable printing to log.
  • Alert_Sound - enable a sound alert when a signal appears.
  • Alert_EMail - enable email notification.
  • Alert_Mobile - enable notification to mobile devices.


  • It is a complete trading system.
  • This indicator is a great enhancement for any trading system, allowing you to choose the best entry point.
  • It comes with settings for a range of instruments and time frames and their number will be increasing in the new versions.
  • By default, it is set for EURUSD, M5.
  • The indicator does not redraw.
Aravind 2016.07.16 18:54 

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Versión 1.4 2016.05.16
Extended the indicator signal notification menu. Now the notification options can be selected separately.
Versión 1.3 2015.12.09
Added Alert and e-mail messages.
Versión 1.2 2014.04.24
Added settings for GBPUSD M5.