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Save History

Save Your History Trade in a File

The script saves history of your trades (only orders with profit, not cancelled orders) in the terminal as a csv file.

Input Parameters

  1. Selectable directory name
  2. Selectable file name
  3. Selectable account number (save the file with your account name) Yes/No
  4. Selectable account company name (save the file with your account company name) Yes/No
  5. Selectable account type (save the file with a name of your account type) Yes/No


  • If you set Yes for all three parameters, your file is saved with the name of "Demo-61183844-Forex Company Group.csv".
  • By default, account number is set to Yes for time saving and there is no need to type the name for example: "61183844-.csv". It is also good for non-conflicting history of each account.
  • If you set any of the last three parameters to No, you can save the file with a name you typed.
  • All folders are created in MQL4\Files directory with a name you selected and all files can be saved in a directory you selected with a name you typed. For example, you can save history of accounts of each broker in the same folder.
  • You must log in to your account and see History tab in the terminal.
  • It is useful when you do not have access to your account or you want to analyze your trade history with your friend without logging in to your account.


  1. Open history in excel document.
  2. Open history automatically by Show History From File indicator.
  3. Show orders placed in the chart.
  4. Low file size because of filtering canceled orders.
  5. This file can also be read by Show History From File indicator.

Simple Usage

Implement script and get your file with the name of "Account Number.csv" in MQL4/Files/Data.

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