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GigaScalper Deposit Overclock EA

GigaScalper has been developed in response to the need for a more advanced, more efficient yet simpler type of deposit overclocking system. This utilizes both a contrarian-pullback AND momentum-breakout scalping technique. 

The core strategy logic is based on observing the rate of change of price movement a.k.a DELTA and places both buy and sell pending orders on the next bar open price once the DELTA reaches a critical value. Because this system places orders on the NEXT BAR OPENING it is possible to backtest more objectively using the Open Prices model. No technical analysis indicators are used for the discovery of entry signals.

The default stop loss is set to a small size of 5 pips. This ensures risk is kept very small and tightly controlled. There is no take profit limit- the gain potential is infinite.

This system does not use hedging, martingale, grids, or other similar toxic methods of trading. Stop losses are always used for every trade.

As a developer I believe in simplicity. Application of Occam's razor is paramount to successful algorithmic trading. The parameters window is kept as minimalist as possible and so are the number of lines of code and entry logic variables. This increases the probability of reproducible, objective results whilst reduces the chance of making mistakes as well as performance drag i.e. faster execution.

Pairs + Timeframes

Following pairs can be used: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, and GBPJPY on the M1 timeframe.


    1. Test with minimal risk first
    2. Use VPS for minimal network latency to the broker's server
    3. Use a leverage of 1:100 or more
    4. Low spread + low commission + low slippage is advisable
    5. Minimum balance best above $100
    6. Keep total execution time as low as possible (below 300 milliseconds is best) to minimize slippage
    7. Choose a broker that provides FIX-API accounts and use a FIX-API bridge connector to minimize execution time 


----------Main Settings----------

    • MagicNumber - Must be an integer i.e. "666"
    • TradeComment - To add to EA Comment i.e. "CODEX_GIGAS"
    • Leverage - The default account leverage i.e. input "500" if leverage of your account is 1:500
    • MaxSpread - Must be a value greater than average spread. Default = 2.5 pips
    • RecordSpread - Writes the spread in the EA comment
    • ShowPanel - Set to true to show panel information on the chart. Set to false for fast backtesting and for efficient live testing
    • DeleteObjects - Deletes objects on the main chart
----------Money Management----------
    • MaxLots - Set the broker's maximum allowable lot size limit
    • UseMM - Set to true to use Money Management based on risk size. Set to false to use fixed lots
    • Risk - Risk size amount
    • FixedLots - Set a fixed lot size amount if UseMM = false
----------Exit Strategy----------
    • StopLoss - Set the strategy stop loss in points. Default = 50 points
    • TrailingStep - Points the current price must move to adjust the trailing stop. Default = 30 points
    • TrailingStop - Points the trailing stop will trail against the current price. Default = 20 points
    • BreakEvenAfter - Threshold the current price must reach before activating breakeven stop. Default = 35 points
    • BreakEvenTo - Points where the breakeven stop will be placed from order open price. Default = 25 points
----------Entry Strategy----------
    • BuySignal - True to enable buy signals
    • SellSignal - True to enable sell signals
    • UsePullback - Set to true to use the Pullback strategy
    • PullbackStringency - This sets frequency of trades for pullbacks. Default level is set to 1.0 for all pairs. Higher value = less trades + higher expectancy + smoother equity curve
    • UseBreakout - Set to true to use the Breakout strategy
    • BreakoutStringency - This sets frequency of trades for breakouts. Default level is set to 1.0 for all pairs. Higher value = less trades + higher expectancy + smoother equity curve
----------Time Filter----------
    • GMTHourOffset - Allows for manually shifting start and end hour to adjust for summer/winter time changes

Final Notes

Forward-test on live account currently in pending status.

No set files required - all parameters are the same for all pairs.

To test for your execution time I recommend using this.
Stringency parameter best adjusted in 0.1 digit intervals i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, etc.
Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2019.05.01 22:58 

Looks like a horrible flop to me..will update if anything changes .

Versión 1.6 2019.09.04
Upgraded risk position sizing to account for tick value.
Versión 1.5 2019.05.17
Upgraded with faster backtesting.
Versión 1.4 2019.05.17
Fixed a code for checking order history.
Versión 1.3 2019.04.28
Fixed one code line.
Versión 1.2 2019.04.28
Streamlined the code.
Versión 1.1 2019.04.26
Fixed a bug with magic number recognition.