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Greedy Pig Free


Let me present to all you greedy people out there - Forex robot Greedy Pig, an ice cold full blown martingale hedger with some safety mechanism that in return won't blow your entire account up in one piece. So how does this greedy little pig work then? Very simple, piggy opens up 2 positions in each direction buy/sell with pre-defined takeprofit levels when the market are quite calm with confirmation from relative strengt index(RSi) indicator. When one of the orders hit takeprofit later on there's one order left behind in loss - Now our well known marty kicks in to get this loss trade into a profitable one and again with a little help of indicator Rsi piggy now decides when and where to place the orders within the right market flow. With spread, time and newsfilter and maximum orders to place in martingale sequence which can be limited so piggy won't go berserk and drain the account we have a quite good marty robot. Safe? well atleast safer then without it i would say.

This is a FREE version and got limitations! Moneymanagement,newsfilter, and trailingstop function been removed. Spread set and locked at (7). Trades with minimum initial lots size 0.01 ONLY on tuesedays and thursdays between 11-13 GMT. Full paid version 1.2 of this product now been upgraded with additional signal filter and order management during news. There are no plans to upgrade this free version with MA signal validation!

Full paid version you find here:



  • ECN account, symbols with low spreads and stops at zero
  • 1000USD initial deposit,maybe less works to...try it out in tester first
  • 5 digit broker only
  • Optimization required for currency pairs you trade 
  • Fast execution speed - Use vps service with low ping
  • If you don't have the guts or dont like this kinnda strategy - STAY OUT and don't start whine about how dangerouse marty and hedging is....thats known already!


  • Configured to be used right away on EURUSD M15 


All currency pairs needs optimization and it's easy to to do and theese are the settings you focus on.

  • Piggys profit, distance,lot step,max orders,all Hedging trigger parameters, all Martin trigger parameters.


  • I refer to the screenshots, questions about settings throw me a PM and i'll answer you. Wish you best of luck!

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Versión 1.2 2019.04.20
Correction to time frame enumerations - now it's supposed to be as it should, silly me :)
Versión 1.1 2019.04.15
Bugfix related to orderlots