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Market Phase Index MT4

Indicator to determine the trend and flat market based on the amplitude of the price and the intersection of bars

Input parameters:

  • Period - indicator period

How to interpret indicator values ​​with standard input parameters?

  • If the indicator values ​​are higher than 0.4 - it is recommended to trade based on trend strategies (screenshot №1 and №2)
  • If the indicator values ​​are lower than 0.4 -  it is recommended to trade on the basis of flat strategies (screenshot №3 and №4)

Recommendations from the author:

  • This indicator can be most useful for advisers in identifying favorable or unfavorable trading conditions based on their strategies
  • The values ​​of this indicator are recommended to consider on higher timeframes. For example, the last few values ​​on GBPUSD M15 are below the level of 0.4 (screenshot №1), by opening GBPUSD M1 we will see the flat market (screenshot №2). Similarly, we look at the last several indicator values ​​on USDJPY D1 which are above the level of 0.4 (screenshot №3), opening the USDJPY H4 we will see the trend market (screenshot №4)
  • On some symbols and timeframes, it is not necessary to indicate a high indicator period value - because of this, it may not respond to changes in a timely manner and, in general, its values ​​will be smoother (screenshot №5)

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