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Trend Alerts Indicator

Trend Alerts

Trend Alerts finds new trends at the changing bar very fast, then indicator sends multiple alerts to aware you: email, cell phone 

notification, alert window and alert sound. All of these alarms are optional and you can choose which one to work.

Each trend direction change occurs after indicator sign change; positive to negative means down trend and shown by violet bars, negative to positive means up trend with cyan bars. So you have 5 different signals and never lose a trend; four alerts and indicator bar colors. You can activate or deactivate each one of four alerts with input parameters. ALPHA parameter is used as a sensitivity setting value. Indicator sensitivity has 10 states and you can change it every time by input parameters.

Attention: You should enable notifications in MetaTrader to receive Email and mobile Notification from indicator. To do it go to Tools menu, select Options, choose Email (or Notification) and add check-mark to Enable notifications and fill the boxes.




If you work with PC and mobile at the same time, to activate Send Notifications from PC to mobile, copy your MetaTrader ID from your cell phone and paste it on PCs version (Tools/Options/Notifications). 

Trend Alerts indicator is a powerful tool to find each trend direction change and its power. Using ALPHA parameter let you to control the rate of change to start a new trend. ALPHA=1 has most sensitivity, so you see a lot of alerts. By increasing ALPHA, indicator needs more changes to show you a new trend and ignores little ripples. Notice that each new trend alert, means end of previous trend and you should close that position.

No matter what timeframe you choose, it works at M5 as well as H1 or H12.

Input Parameters:

  • ALPHA=5                                   Sensitivity 1<S<10
  • EmailAlert=No                           Activate Send Email?
  • AlertWindow=Yes                       Activate Alert Window?
  • SoundAlert=Yes                          Activate Alert Sound?
  • NotificationAlert=Yes                 Activate Send Notification?

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