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Price Derivative Indicator

Price Derivative

Most of indicators have lag and response by delay. They are usually showing trend change late. Price Derivative indicator is a powerful and sensitive tool to find each trend direction change and its power. It derives price values based on DEMA and fast Smoothed MA curve. Each time the direction of trend changes, indicator crosses the horizontal axis and a red bar appears. Red bar is a trigger and confirms beginning of new trend. Positive values indicate uptrend and negative values indicate downtrend. Scalping with Price Derivative indicator is very simple and accurate.

Bars have two almost similar yellowish colors. The darker one means greater derivative rather than previous bar. Therefore, in uptrend, which indicator bars are above horizontal axis, darker bars follow each other until inflection point, which price curve concavity changes. After inflection point, trend speed reduces and lighter bars appear. It continues to cross zero line; means new trend begins and triggers the red bar.

No matter what timeframe you choose, it works at M5 as well as H1 or H12.

Version 2.0:

In addition to Red Bars, three alerts has been added to Price Derivative indicator: Email, Alert window and Alert Sound! You can choose one of them or activate all.

Attention: You should enable Email notifications in MetaTrader to receive Email from indicator. To do it go to Tools menu, select Options, choose Email and add check-mark to Enable email notifications and fill the boxes.


Another added option is pipsAccuracy which defines the minimum pips deviation of previous candles. It usually eliminates ripples and low value trend direction changes. But sometimes a strong trend appears after very low deviation. So you have to see the indicator and sign change of curve for special direction changes. Hit Test button to confirm the correct values.

Input Parameters:

  • MA Method=MODE_SMMA
Moving Average Method. Smoothed MA is selected as default
  • Applied Price=PRICE_CLOSE
Applied Price
  • SendEmail=No
Activate Sending Email?
  • AlertWindow=Yes
Activate Alert Window?
  • AlertSound=Yes
Activate Alert Sound?
  • pipsAccuracy=55
Minimum range of position in pips

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Versión 2.12 2018.12.04
Added Currency Symbol to Alert text
Versión 2.11 2018.12.04
Bug fixes
Versión 2.10 2018.12.02
Replace SendMail instead of Alert window
Versión 2.0 2018.12.02
Two optional alarms for new trends; Alert window and Alert sound
Pips accuracy to define a minimum range of variation on new trend alerts