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Fx Correlation Indicator

The indicator provides a quick graphical dashboard to let a trader take a quick decision as to which currency pairs are currently trended and to be traded. All 8 major base pairs are continuously plotted, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CAD and CHF.

These are plotted using USD as a baseline - for ease of viewing. The indicator is non-redrawable and works in all time frames and values keep continuously updated without having to refresh the chart.

Fx Correlation Indicator helps trader to select the most trended cross currency pair amongst 28 pairs for trading. Trader can then use his usual indicators to confirm entry and exit points – if so desired.

Fx Correlation Indicator provides quick decision to trade any of the 28 major cross currency pairs at a glance by just looking at the plotted graph without cluttering the screen. It’s a great advantage over other correlation Indicators available in the market place i.e., in table format / heat map snapshot / baseline zero % charts - which just provides a snapshot at a point in time.

One can hide any of the 8 base currencies, if the trader trades in fewer currencies.

Get the Edge on your side.

Happy Trading.

alisabar 2016.06.04 11:28 

I have been testing this indicator and found it very reliable with high accuracy outputs. Very useful if you are trading using multi-time frame analysis. The other advantage of this indicator is that you can choose and trade the pair/pairs which collect more profits. Worth the investment