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Currency Strength Basket Trader 28 Pair Pro

The Automated EA program trades a basket of multiple currency pairs at the same time on the same account. A total of 28 currency pairs can be traded with this program. Only the Currency Pairs that are set in the Input Settings are to be traded. The strategy is based on trading currency pairs that are found to have extreme bias in overall strength between the two currencies in a pair. When one currency is strong and another currency is weak, the resulting currency pair will trade in the direction of the strong currency. The program is a fully automatic program requiring no user interaction once set up on a chart of choice. The program will open trades only when a strong signal exists between currencies. The program closes the basket of trades once the Overall Profit Target is met. The program is able to open and close any pair as needed when specific conditions are met. The program also allows manually closing of trades if desired.  Make sure to try the setting file located within Comment #1.

Note, to test out this program, there is a DEMO version (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29371) which will only trade 0.01 lot sizes and has other limitations. After testing using the DEMO version, upgrade to this Premium Version for Bigger Trades, Flexibility, and Adjustable Parameters.

By having multiple smaller trades open at the same time in a partially hedged formation, a user is better protected by market fluctuations. Trade open time will vary up to days with this program. It is recommended to pick a broker with low spreads and fast execution as they will play a role in both number of trades taken and profit earned.

Due to the nature of the strategy used to trade where multiple currency pairs are traded at once, please note that this program cannot be backtested using the strategy tester since you can only backtest one pair of data at a time. Results may vary based on broker fees and other market conditions.


  • EAcom – Trade Comment.
  • Magic – Magic Number for Pair 1, each Pair will get a number of Magic+X-1.
  • MagicEnabled – If true, will only count profit of trades opened by EA, false will count profit for any open trades.
  • MultiTimeFrame - If true, will trade multiple time frames, if false will trade chart time frame.
  • MaxAccountInTrade - maximum percentage of account margin in a basket trade.
  • MaxLotSize - maximum lot size per currency pair order.
  • OpenDifference - Strength Difference Required to Open a Trade.
  • CloseDifference - Difference to Close a Trade.
  • CloseDifferenceProfit - Difference to Close a Trade in Profit.
  • ProfitGainClosePerTrade - profit to hit per trade open. Total Profit to Close = Open Trades x ProfitGainClosePerTrade.
  • PercentGainClose - percentage of profit compared to balance for when all open trades will be closed to lock in profits.
  • AutoTrade - if true, allows EA to trade automatically.
  • FixedLotSizeEnabled - if true, EA uses FixedLotSize Parameter.
  • FixedLotSize - lot size for all trades.
  • PairX - full name of currency pair, if prefix or suffix is part of name, include full name here. (Ex: EURUSDpro).
  • PairX_1 - first currency in the pair.
  • PairX_2 - second currency in the pair.
  • PairPercentX - percent of account balance that can be used for the pair.
  • TakeProfitX - hard TP for pair.
  • StopLossX - hard SL for pair.
  • EnableX - set to true to allow trading of the selected pair.

Additional Protections Built into the Program Include

  1. A hard TP and SL price are set with each trade opened in the event of large market swings or connection issues.
  2. Trades can be closed manually without disturbing the running program and program settings can be changed while trades are open.
  3. Internal Limits to Prevent Over Extending of Account.
  4. Magic Numbers.

Recommendations on Usage

  1. Run on the chart that has many ticks.
  2. Start Risk small to determine your optimal risk settings.
  3. Keep Risk low to protect your account from drawdown.
  4. Do not close trades over weekend as profit can be lost.
  5. Low spreads, low commission and high quality execution will help earn more profit.
  6. Recommended minimum deposit is $2000.
  7. Run the EA on a separate account.

To My Customers

Please don’t hesitate to message me about any questions that you might have, I will be happy to help.

Author Info

Programming expert in development, design, and optimization of automated trading programs.

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Versión 3.0 2018.11.08
Version 3 Changes Include

+Bug Fix with Counting Orders to allow working with Other EAs on Same Account. Recommend to Run EA on own Account especially if you have FIFO rules on your account.
Versión 2.0 2018.10.28
Version 2 Changes Include

+Bug Fix with Magic Number Handling.