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NinjaLoveFishEA free for download and It is a Unlimited version EA.

It contains two modes, automatic mode (not recommended) and manual mode(recommended for use with NinjaLoveFishSIGNAL), which have been optimized and ready to use.

If the price goes against the direction, EA will use the dynamic leveling grid system to increase the position, expecting to rebound or fall back, and profit out.

EA opens orders in a specific direction, so in the unfavorable market situation, it can complete a series of transactions at the lowest price retracement.

If major news happens, you can turn off automatic mode and enable manual trading to reduce risk, also in the new version you can enable the news filter to avoid this. if you want to filter news, you must add this url into your terminal web request list,"http://www.renzhe.org/news.php".To do this,

  1. open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors.
  2. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:".
  3. Add the following: "http://www.renzhe.org/news.php" and press "OK".

The EA takes news from the specified websites.

It is recommended to test the EA in the Strategy Tester before using the live account,and I suggest you do not trust any backtest result,The future is unpredictable,Historical performance does not mean future.

This is a high risk game, so it is recommended that you set a stop loss for each currency pair.

A live monitoring of the NinjaLoveFishEA can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/zq535228/seller


  • Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread, 1:200+ leverage.
  • Minimum Deposit: $6000 for AutoMode. $1000 for ManualMode Or it is up to you.
  • EA Settings: Without complicated settings, you only need to set the filter for the first order.
  • Time Frame: M5.


EA Parameters Settings

>>> General Setting

  • MagicNumberBuy
  • MagicNumberSell
  • ShowInfo
  • ShowLine
  • StopLossPercent Stop loss percent only for current pair.

>>> Filters Setting
  • MaxTrades Max number of mutiple orders.
  • MaxSymbolInPosition Max number of symbol in your position,for example if this para value is 1, NZDCAD nad NZDJPY only exist one ,because they are both contain NZD,if value is 2,they can both exist,but can not exist third NZD pair. 
  • MaxSpreadPip
  • TimeFilter
  • TimeStart
  • TimeEnd
  • NewsFilter
  • NewsOffset Input your mt4 server’s offset ,if you don’t know ,you will find this para in left down corner.
  • NewsVhigh
  • NewsVmedium
  • NewsVlow
  • BeforeNewsStopMin
  • AfterNewsStopMin

>>> Auto First Order Setting
  • AutoMode
  • AutoLotPer001

>>> Manual First Order Setting
  • ManualLotPer001
  • AutoCancelPending
  • EnableVirtualOrder
  • VirtualOrderATRMultiplier

danichirri66 2018.11.08 08:50 

La tengo en prueba en cuenta demo,de momento parece buen EA,si continua bien la colocare en cuenta centavo y después si el trabajo sigue bien en cuenta standar

Versión 2.74 2018.12.07
fix the sl bug.
Versión 2.73 2018.12.06
fix bugs.
change default paras.
Versión 2.72 2018.12.01
fix bugs.
Versión 2.71 2018.11.27
fix bugs.
Versión 2.70 2018.11.22
fix bug.
Versión 2.69 2018.11.21
fix bug.
Versión 2.68 2018.11.21
fix bug.
Versión 2.67 2018.11.20
support more pairs.
Versión 2.66 2018.11.18
Built-in currency exchange parameters
Versión 2.65 2018.11.15
change the allow url to "http://www.renzhe.org/news.php" to easy remember.
add the manual mode ,dynamic pending distance . calculate from the ATR indicator.
Versión 2.64 2018.11.14
fix bug.
Versión 2.63 2018.11.13
fix bugs
add info panel.
Versión 2.62 2018.11.09
Added filters for news time and slippage.
Change pending order to Hline order mode.
Versión 2.61 2018.11.08
Optimized display panel
Versión 2.60 2018.11.07
add the number of symbols - MaxSymbolInPosition
Versión 2.59 2018.11.06
optimize the speed .
Versión 2.58 2018.11.02
fix bugs.
Versión 2.57 2018.10.31
fix delete pending order bug.
Versión 2.56 2018.10.30
fix check new bar.
Versión 2.55 2018.10.30
Fixed bug with lines.
Versión 2.54 2018.10.29
fix bug about the Is the New Bars?
Versión 2.53 2018.10.26
fix some bugs.
Versión 2.52 2018.10.26
Added some parameters
Fix some bugs
Versión 2.51 2018.10.24
1.Fixed some details
2.Re-optimizing NZDCAD, profitability has increased significantly.
Versión 2.5 2018.10.22
It adds two custom indicators
Integrated manual mode, automatic mode can be selectively turned off
Versión 2.4 2018.10.16
1.Updated default parameters
2.Fixed some details
Versión 2.3 2018.10.13