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EA Nobre Breakout

  1. The EA places pending orders on the last major high and low and awaits the breaking of these points to entry in favor of market movement.
  2. All operations are protected by stop loss.
  3. The use of ECN type accounts with low spread and commission is recommended.
  4. I advise using VPS with the best possible ping for best results.

Clifton 2018.11.29 13:39 

Diogo has been very interactive and he guided me instantly through teamviewer. He helped me with the charts and ping check and made recommendations as well. It went well. I am a fan of Super Fast Scalper and Nobre Breakout. The setups with the vps were sincerely done, and Diogo went the extra mile in making sure my ping and dlls were customized as necessary. This guy is a gem! Im pleased!

chris664114 2018.11.27 20:01 

Really really good men.helps he can.i am Always buy something of this guy.the makes an really good Job👍

Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2018.11.05 12:12 

i added 5stars for many thing

there is good person nice help and support

clean work

and have a responsibility to here work

good back test

in real i see but author doing good job

Yuta 2018.10.24 12:56 

I use this for 2 weeks. It is profitable so far. This is the breakout way so that it needs good condition in ping, spread and stoplevel. we can use it in less risk or in high risk by its parameters.

Versión 2.17 2018.12.19
Corrigido bug com o filtro de tempo
Versión 2.16 2018.12.17
Problema com filtro de spread encontrado e resolvido.
Versión 2.15 2018.12.11
Numero Magico automatico e novo correção no filtro de spread
Versión 2.14 2018.12.10
Filtro de spread corrigido
Versión 2.13 2018.11.30
Correção no stop oculto.
Versión 2.12 2018.11.27
Added: Hidden Stoploss
Versión 2.11 2018.11.08
RepeatOperation function corrigida.
Versión 2.1 2018.11.05
Correção do TimeFilter.
Versión 2.0 2018.10.31
Adicionado: Função para repetir após uma perda;
Trailing Step;
Versión 1.91 2018.10.29
Alguns parâmetros de início foram alterados para nao causar confusão ao utilizador.
Versión 1.9 2018.10.29
1. Bug no SpreadFilter corrigido

2. Adicionei:
- EndHourFriday
- Mais informações no painel

3. Mudança no visual do painel
Versión 1.8 2018.10.25
Adicionado: Painel + filtro de spread
Versión 1.7 2018.10.25
Correção do site MQL5: versão 0.0?
Versión 0.0 2018.10.19
Upgrade: comment with magic number.
Versión 0.0 2018.10.19
Upgrade: comment added
Versión 0.0 2018.10.17
Correção da variável RiskPercent. Agora o valor de perda no StopLoss será a % do saldo.
Versión 0.0 2018.10.15
Correção: Problema com o trailing stop resolvido. Iniciava o trailing em operações não ligadas ao EA.
Versión 0.0 2018.10.12
Correção: Atualização automática do lote para as ordens pendentes conforme a novo saldo.
Versión 0.0 2018.10.10
Erro no Breakeven corrigido.
Erro de envio de ordens pendentes corrigido.

Tudo está correto nesta versão.