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Three Grid

Three Grid is an automated Expert Advisor tested on  EUR/USD and GBP/USD on 5 minute timeframe.

The EA uses grid and takes a little but frequent movement on the market.

It's possible to use a money management method (fixed fractional) and set it's intensity.

It's possible to set a max spread allowed.

Input parameters

  • lot = lot size (Default: 1) --> only if money_management_on_off is inactive!
  • magic_number = unique number for each chart (Default: "THREE GRID")
  • comment = order comment (Default: 78687) 
  • max_spread = maximum spread allowed (Default: 10)
  • money_management_on_off = set to "on" for activate money management, set to "off" for deactivate money management (Default: "off")
  • money_management_intensity = more higher is this parameter, more higher will be the gain and the risk (Default: 0.04)


If you use money management is recommended to not set money_management_intensity higher than 0.04.

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