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Angle MA

This indicator shows the moving average slope angle in degrees. It will be useful for those who actively use the Moving Averages indicator in trading.

It is often quite difficult to determine the slope angle due to chart scalability (although some systems use this approach). So it is proposed to estimate it visually.

Now, you will have no problem with it as the indicator will always show the MA slope angle at a given moment. 

Parameters of the moving average are specified in the settings:

  • PeriodMA - period of the Moving Average;
  • MetodMA - calculation method (0-SMA, 1-EMA, 2-SMMA, 3-LWMA);
  • PriceMA -  calculation price (0-Close, 1-Open, 2-High, 3-Low, 4-Median, 5-Typical, 6-Weighted);
  • AveragingPeriod - histogram averaging period (minimum 2).
To use the indicator, you need to have MetaTrader 4 build 600 (or higher).
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