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This robot is designed for major currency pairs and trades several strategies.It uses the algorithm for analysis of price data and finds the best parameters. Trades are filtered by results of analysis of daily and monthly chart for the last 12 periods.

This is not a scalping robot. It will be traded at all brokers with quotes accurate to points.

Your broker must allow hedging.

Default settings can be used for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY on the M30.

------  This product is sold only on the MQL5-market. Sales at another site is illegal --------


  • TimeFrame - Time Frame for trading
  • Start trading, hour - you can set trading time
  • Start trading, minute - you can set trading time
  • End trading, hour - you can set trading time
  • End trading, minute - you can set trading time
  • All close by time - turns on this feature
  • All close, hour - set a hour of time
  • All close, minute - set a minute of time
  • Max.spread size - maximum allowed spread size
  • Max.total of trades - maximum number of open trades

:::::::::: Money management:::::::::::

  • Only best signals (recommended)
  • Lot - primary Lot size
  • AutoLot - automatic Lot calculation based on account size
  • AutoLot Balance % - Percentage of account balance for AutoLot calculation. If you use this EA on 3 pairs, set it to 33%, etc.
  • Min. distance of next trade - in points
  • Lot x - multiplication Lot of next trade
  • MaxLot - maximum lot size
  • TP all trades - when more than one trade is opened, all closes in this profit in points
  • Multipair closing - allows closing of trades on other markets (loss vs. profit)
  • TP - Target profit in points
  • SL - Stop Loss in points - each trade separately
  • AllSL - StopLoss in the points of all trades together, 0 is off
  • AllClose by DD% - Set the maximum allowed drawdown for this EA (loss in% of balance). Then all trades of this EA will be closed.
  • DD alert % - Displays a warning when this drawdown.
  • SafeClosing - if the trade is in a loss for a long time, it will be closed when the profit is 0 + commission + swap. (recommended)
  • TP1 Lot  percent - closes part of a trade in profit, set % of Lot
  • TP1 - closes part of a trade in this profit of points
  • SL1 Lot percent - closes part of a trade in loss, set % of Lot
  • SL1 - closes part of a trade in this loss of points
  • ...SL1/TP1 only first trade - partial closing only the first trade (recommended)
  • SL on BE - in this profit (in points) moves SL to the opening price of the trade
  • SL on BE + - "SL on BE" function moves SL to this profit in points
  • TrailingSL start profit - in this profit in points begin to move the SL
  • TrailingSL distance - moves SL at this distance from the current price
  • TrailingSL step - moves SL after these steps, in points
  • TrailingTP start loss - in this loss in points begin to move the TP
  • TrailingTP distance - moves TP at this distance from the current price
  • TrailingTP step - moves TP after these steps, in points
  • Magic - the identification number of trades

  • comment - a comment to trade

Example for AutoLot function:

  • Lot = 0.02
  • AutoLot = 500
  • Your account balance is 1000
    The trade size will be 0.04 Lot
  • Your account balance is 1500
    The trade size will be 0.06 Lot
  • Your account balance is 2000
    The trade size will be 0.08 Lot

Example for Multipair closing function:

It tracks trades of the whole account, which have same the first two numbers of the Magic numbers.

Market situation:

  • EURUSD - Magic 5511 - trade BUY is loss 100 points
  • GBPUSD - Magic 5522 - trade SELL is profit 130 points

The first two numbers of the Magic numbers are the same (55), so both trades will be closed at a total profit of 30 points (setting TP all trades = 30)


Notice: This EA can open multiple trades in one direction on one pair. It can cause a drawdown.

            Profits earned in the past are not a guarantee of profits in the future!

Filip Müller
Filip Müller 2019.03.07 07:33 

I bought it six months ago. I am very satisfied. The real results are the same as in the test.

BRADLEY PATRICK 2019.02.13 00:54 

This EA just had a big loss on the EURUSD. I will not be using it again.

joda852 2019.02.07 15:28 

A truly intelligent working Expert Advisor

Very detailed features and a very good Supoort from the developer

Definitely 5 stars for this ingenious system

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2019.01.20 15:52 

I am very satisfied with the first month of results.

It is also interesting to play around with the settings to find out even more approaches and diversification to this EA.

So far, i am using 3 accounts with Quatron

In 2019, It will be my main EA to handle my big deposits

Mahmoud Shwaish
Mahmoud Shwaish 2019.01.01 01:57 

its second month i am using Quatron , still 5 stars

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2018.12.22 15:56 

One of the best EA around.

5lqm393 2018.12.20 10:27 

Verdiğim parayı çıkarabileceğinden emin değilim ama güvenli bir robot olduğunu düşünüyorum. 2 aydır kullanıyorum. şu ana kadar zorlanmadı. düşük drop down, düşük kar. ama memnunum. su an için 5 yıldız.

lemonlenny 2018.12.20 08:07 

Up to now, I cannot figure out how to trade Quatron safely and profitably. The author is also not good in answering any of my questions. Large account sizes cannot let the EA go without SL. Or even 500 pips stop losses. Even if you always come out alive, what kind of volume can I trade? A dollar a pip? 2 dollars?

I've tried 40TP and 20SL. It breaks evens. Any request for the author to make recommendations is met with: Do your own testing.

I don't pay $1,280USD to do my own testing.

So this is the review from someone (myself) who is currently "ahead" by maybe several hundred USD on this EA. I can think of no way how it will be scalable and stable enough to make profits in a believable way. My BEST idea, was to put a focus on How good the entry signal really is. If the entry signal is great, shouldn't this mean it gives a better chance of going to "X" before it goes equal distance in the opposite direction? Because if this is not justified, then why do you need a signal at all? Just take any trade and if it goes bad, then go into martingale. The signal is supposed to give an edge, am I correct or not? So what is this EDGE? 10pip TP and 10pip SL/ 20pip TP and 20pip SL? Or something else? Or am I supposed to do my own testing. Because if this cannot be answered without me doing my own testing, then that means there is no defined "edge" at all. It's the same as random entries, am I correct, or not?

If someone has an idea, I'd love to hear it, because the author certainly has no clue. His idea is to just go 9 levels deep in GRID and let it survive martingale. If you want martingale EA's, there are certainly many cheaper ones on MQL5.

Jaroslav Pokorny
Jaroslav Pokorny 2018.12.18 17:47 

EA trades very well - ...mql5.com/en/signals/author/frostik

ramyibrahim 2018.11.30 03:34 

perfect results

Wayside48 2018.11.23 18:23 

At first glance the performance of this EA looks too good to be true, and to some extent it is. However you will note that I've given it 5 stars, so I'll explain why.

I've been working on developing EAs for many years, and one of the natural objectives is to get your trades right nearly all the time, and to make more on your winning trades than your losing trades. This EA works by making a best guess (based on all his indicators) as to when to open a trade and in which direction. If it gets it right then groovy, we have some profit. If it gets it wrong, though, it holds on to that position until the price does get back to a point where it will make at least some profit (or a small loss). This can take a number of days. The one big flaw is that if it gets it wrong and the price never gets back anywhere near the open price, you're doomed.

So, the solution to the latter problem is to use a fixed stop as a guard against disaster. Where you might have any number of positions open when this happens it is good to have a stop which applies to the total number of points you are drawn down (hence my request for the "AllSL" feature). The value of this stop has to be big enough to allow most of the drawdown situations to resolve, whilst catching the ones that are going to lead to disaster. The problem now, though, is that when you do hit this massive drawdown situation you will lose quite a lot of cash (but less than if it were not there!). So, it's a balance between these two situations.

In all my time coding EAs of this nature I have never managed to arrive at an algorithm which gets it right enough times that they significantly outweigh the sum of the big losses when it gets it seriously wrong. However, this one does!

I haven't been able to exactly replicate Marek's performance charts because I do get the occasional situation where the price never returns and so the account goes boom (see my post #17). However with the use of a 5000pip stop it only hits that stop once in the eight years on USDJPY (and a couple of times on each on EURUSD and GBPUSD) - that is bloomin' good, and something I can easily live with. It makes those 5000pips up in a few weeks and has an acceptably low probability of happening. I'm actually getting best results setting the "Trades" value to "1" combined with my 5000pip stop - I know this isn't how it was designed to be used, but do your own back-testing and see what I mean*. It does mean that it's worth running all three pairs to save getting bored while you wait for the one that's gone wrong to right itself!

* I might expand this a little for those of us who have been blighted by the ridiculous ruling of the ESMA on maximum account leverage. The EA does make a little more profit with the "Trades" value greater than "1" (10% or so), however if you know that you only ever have one trade open per pair and have a maximum DD of 5000pips, then you know your maximum margin requirement and your maximum drawdown in cash (based on your AutoLot size). If you do the sums you'll find that even with the 30:1 imposed leverage you can run 3 pairs with AutoLot = 300 and retain a worst case Margin Level of 150% even if all three pairs are on the market together and all at maximum drawdown. If the "Trades" parameter were set to anything higher than "1" this would not work!

I repeat - do your own testing - and your own sums.

Igor Dervuk
Igor Dervuk 2018.11.15 13:47 

Перспективный ЕА !

Nohad Otayek
Nohad Otayek 2018.11.15 08:53 

Its the best of the best

Mila Verova
Mila Verova 2018.10.27 20:20 

I use several EAs, but this is one of the best. Good work.

Adam Pitner
Adam Pitner 2018.10.11 21:44 

Well made EA. Advanced features. Good results. Good support from the author.

Versión 7.5 2019.02.01
Added function AllClose by DD%
Added function DD alert %
Modified MultipairClosing
Other minor adjustments.
- Use this version.
Versión 7.0 2019.01.13
Visible AllSL - true = the common StopLoss of all trades will be in a trading order if more than one trade is opened. For the first trade use parameter SL.
- false = invisible common StopLoss according to the AllSL setting.
FontSize - you can resize the text.
Versión 6.1 2019.01.05
Improved trading algorithm.
Versión 6.0 2018.12.16
Added ability to set the days of the week for the function AllClose by time.
Versión 5.11 2018.12.12
This is the version for VJY VEE user.
Versión 5.10 2018.12.10
The requested changes were made.
Versión 5.0 2018.11.25
Added feature:
- Only best signal
- SL1/TP1 only first trade

Adjusted setting.
Versión 4.0 2018.11.13
Added features AllSL.
Versión 3.0 2018.11.10
Added option to disable "SafeClosing"
Versión 2.0 2018.11.07
Added function "All close by time"