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AG Constanta Free Version



AG CONSTANTA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that enters the market through pending buys or sells after Exponential Moving Averages crossing .

It opens 4 pendings, with a mathematical size proportion : the farther, the higher the size. After a certain amount of hours, pendings not opened are deleted through auto expiration. TP and SL are not customizable. Custom modifications can dramatically decrease the overall performances.

User can set the operating time (i recommend 9.00 - 18.00 UTC+2 ) and the MaxSpread to avoid entries during high spreads.

The 3-YEARS Backtest shows a constancy with high quality candles and fixed spread 1.0 pips.

I can suggest only EURUSD and H1 timeframe because performances on forward testing can only be similar to backtest by respecting this.

Leverage IN THIS FREE VERSION is limited to 2.1 . Rent or buy CONSTANTA FULL to use the powerful leverage available.

Note: Back testing shows average 60 trades / year. Higher quality, less trades. So be patient.


Launched on 1 oct 2018, backtest with IcMarkets using the limited 2.1 leverage can generate almost 120% gain after 3 years of continuous trading. DD is lower than 10% . I have used OpenPricesOnly method of backtesting because it is quicker and very similar to EveryTick mode (respecting Spread 10).


  • Use True ECN broker with a low spread (1.0 average pips EURUSD as maximum) and a low-latency VPS server
  • I can rely only on EURUSD H1 for trading with this EA; other pairs use higher spreads and are not optimized for this product, and so i can't suggest you to try.
  • Use minimal deposit of 500 USD or USD Cent
  • Adapt Operating Time to your Country
  • Check average spread and set MaxSpread at 0.5 pips higher.


  • ACTIVATE_EMA: Adjust True if you want to make trades.
  • SPREAD CONTROL : Adjust True if you want the EA to apply your max spread limitation.
  • MAXIMUM RISK: Adjust the leverage of the first pending of the basket. Powerful profits can be only achieved in CONSTANTA FULL version.
  • BROKER_SPREAD_IN_PIPS: Adjust this after a check of the actual spread. Because it floats +- 0.5 pips in a normal day, please consider to make this offset in the setting.
  • START HOUR: Adjust the time for EA to start the daily search of entry opportunities.
  • END HOUR: Adjust the time for EA to finish the daily search of entry opportunities.

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Versión 1.1 2018.10.07
This version is for work with brokers that use EURUSDm as symbol.