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Similarity Finder Free

Similarity Finder


This indicator searches current set of bars (pattern) and compare it with past patterns.

During processing the indicator makes virtual historical trading and collecting simulated results.

Similar patterns will be indicates by Diamonds (rhombuses).

Indicator settings

Recommended chart bars: <= 65000. Calculation performs on each new bar.

Calculation time depends of options set to TRUE.

Recommended example: Open_Avg is true, and other _Avg settings are false.

  • startcandle - Start pattern candle (last closed candle).
  • endcandle - End pattern candle.
  • Open_Avg - if true, compare open price.
  • High_Avg - if true, compare high price.
  • Low_Avg - if true, compare low price.
  • Close_Avg - if true, compare close price.
  • O_C_Avg - if true, compare open-close price.
  • H_C_Avg - if true, compare high-close price.
  • L_C_Avg - if true, compare low-close price.
  • H_O_Avg - if true, compare high-open price.
  • L_O_Avg - if true, compare low-open price.
  • CutLine - Precision percents (From 0 to Max=0.99 - Higher value means more precision).
  • Spread - Simulation Spread.
  • TakeProfit - Simulation TP.
  • StopLoss - Simulation SL.

Free Version Limitations

  • This Free Version can Find Similar Patterns within 2000 Bars.
  • If your chart has 5000 bars, It can Simulate 2000 Bars.
  • If you want to Find All Bars, (<=65000 Bars Recommended)
  • Buy Original Product.
  • https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30064
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