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Hedging Master Free

WARNING : Hedging is a risky method of trading and maybe not suitable for anyone, require specific deposits and encounter big DD, Please understand the risks of Hedging before getting started

Limited Time Offer : Get Free 3 months of Full Version Now !


  • This is the Free version, Some Parameters are hidden and pre-defined to enable you demonstrate all the capabilities of EA with small investments, For large investments or to freely change all parameters and support the author please purchase Full Version From Here

  • Hedging Master is a revolutionary EA adapt Hedging technique with complex algorithm in a way making this strategy almost always wins
  • Original trade is opened upon accurate entry conditions to scalp few pips, if that trade goes in the opposite directions, another trade is opened but along with the new direction of the price with larger lot size so quickly used the new direction not only recover the floating loss of previous trade but also to get the original TP
  • The Price is trapped in a channel of trades so whatever direction the price moves to , you simply win
  • What makes Hedging Master unique from other Hedging EAs are :
    1. Accurate entry points most of the time closed from the first trade without any Hedging
    2. Extensive Research and Testing For all Pairs in the Market to get the best pairs suitable for Hedging and all of that publicly available in the full guide
    3. All Parameters are in currency not in pips to provide a more practical and unique way for Hedging with hundreds of back and forward testing to find the best numbers

  • To Know the best pairs for the strategy, required deposits and best settings and to know how to use the EA please access the guide from HERE
    The settings of Free Version are set to run immediately without modification Just Install it on our 4 recommended pairs ( AUDJPY, AUDUSD, CADJPY, GBPNZD ) on 1000 $ Account


Some Parameters are hidden and predefined, to enable all features please purchase the full version

    • Magic Number : All pairs can have the same magic number
    • TakeProfit : (In Currency) ( Not available in free version but predefined as 2 $ )
    • StopLoss: ( Don't make this 0 it will make the trades closed immediately ) (In Currency)
    • Lot: for the first trade ( Not available in free version but predefined as 0.01 )
    • Multiplier: This number will be multiplied by the previous lot size ( Not available in free version but predefined as 2 )
    • Gap : After How many pips the first hedging trade should be opened (for the first trade) (In Currency) ( Not available in free version but predefined as 4 )
    • MaxTrades :  including the first trade , Max = 13 ( Not available in free version but predefined as 10 )
    • Max Original Trades: The number of the first trades for whole account
    • Time Start :(24 hours format) (Server Time)
    • Time Stop: (24 hours format) (Server Time)
    • Max Spread:

    omid ghanbari
    omid ghanbari 2018.10.12 13:27 


    fabio893 2018.10.11 10:48 

    Nice on backtesting

    Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 2018.10.02 10:47 

    Although I'm a developer myself, still this EA catch my eyes and I will write a review from developing views

    The Profit are small but sure I love this type of EA where you can steady win about 5% monthly without worries ! it's designed perfectly to deal with tough situations and Author made many tests on multiple pairs and give you that without effort , I love the 4 recommended pairs and I don't think so I will need anything else . The signal is perfect also and show how steady the EA is.

    You are feeling very secure as if the price didn't close directly on profit ( which is rare ) you don't worry if it moves to the opposite direction as here the great work start , Honestly sometimes I wished that price will move to the opposite direction to see the magic of EA starts .

    Of Course I saw many Hedging EAs but most of them concentrate on Hedging and ignore Entry Strategy , The most interesting thing here that the entry strategy itself is very strong , most of time you don't even see the Hedging and when Hedging Started The recommended numbers and settings are pretty cool to deal with the situation and channel trick here are managed correctly and making all parameters in Currency not pips make things clear crystal for you even while watching

    The first thing you have to know that this EA isn't for amateurs and not the Plug & Play type , those very few settings you have to understand very well even for Free version

    Now for the predefined settings in free version , I was able to run that on 4 pairs at the same time but made max original trade at only 1 with 1000$ deposit , you can run free version with default settings up to 4000$ I think with Max Original trades at 4 . Maybe I will cooperate with Ashraf to help him developing the EA more if he need the help :)

    Should it continue like this I will move to Full version as some pairs like GBPNZD are more than perfect and I intend to put more lots on that pair so I can boost the profits :)

    This type of EA you don't usually see in the Market for public , those (never lose things) from my Experience are kept secret for big players and institutions, That's why I think Author make a free version who can use may be upto 4k as he know the full version of this beast is for big boys only , Find yourself an honest trusted ECN Broker with tight spreads allow Hedging like that as most brokers will make many tricks to stop this kind of robots

    Versión 1.2 2018.10.12
    easy predefined settings to use it immediately
    Versión 1.1 2018.09.26
    Fix Max Original trades function