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Paradise EA lite

Three indicators: ATR, SO and MACD, harmoniously linked in one EA. Automatic analysis of the profitability of the transaction and risks, constant monitoring of different timeframes, search for divergence and buy / sell signals are the essence of Paradise EA.Paradise EA lite is a light version of Paradise EA expert.

Instructions for setting up a Paradise EA lite in my blog. Signals of an EA in my profile.

Description of work

Creating hedging and increasing profits, in a multi-currency variant, EA automatically determines the number of its experts, equally distributes funds between them (setting EA on ten currency pairs, the expert will distribute funds between ten of his EA) and independently determines the optimal lot size depending on the allocated funds to the expert , the allowable drawdown in the PercentLossOrder transaction, the trading history (the loss-making or profitable trade was) and the risk percentage of the PercentMaximumRiskLots lot value.Using the indicator of volatility ATR, the Take Profit and Trailing Stop values are calculated for each currency pair, which is activated after the criterion of profitability of the rate is detected.Using the Stochastic Oscillator and Moving Average Convergence / Divergence indicators, a divergence search is conducted and a “filter” is created for buying, selling or closing orders (without waiting for a Stop Loss to trigger). Stop Loss is calculated automatically based on the risk calculation in the PercentLossOrder transaction and the risk percentage of the PercentMaximumRiskLots lot value.By adjusting these risks, you can change the Stop Loss value and the value of the expert’s profit.

Thanks to the most automated algorithm of work, EA quickly adjusts to profitable trading.In the input parameters, it is enough to adjust all three indicators for your broker, for any currency pair and any timeframe.This means that EA can work simultaneously on different timeframes (indicators can also work on different timeframes).By default, the expert is optimized for averaged trading.

Input parameters

  • NumberAccount - the numeric value of the account number;
  • PercentLossOrder - the allowable percentage of loss in the transaction (drawdown), a choice of 1-100%;
  • PercentMaximumRiskLots - risk percentage (changes the size of the lot), a choice of 1-5%(1-100) in original Paradise EA :
  • TimeFrame SO - time period for the Stochastic Oscillator indicator;
  • TimeFrame MACD - time period for the MACD indicator;
  • TimeFrame ATR - time period for the ATR indicator;
  • Kperiod - the number of single periods of the indicator SO (1-100 bars);
  • Dperiod - the number of single periods used to calculate the moving average line% K SO (1-100 bars);
  • Maxpercent - the maximum allowable oversold percentage for the indicators SO, preferably from 70% -100%;
  • Minpercent - is the minimum overbought percentage for the indicators Stochastic Oscillator, preferably from 1% -30%;
  • AtrPeriod - averaging period for the calculation of the indicator Average True Range (1-100 bars),предпочтительно 1-15;;
  • FastEmaPeriod - fast period for MACD, preferably 1-30;
  • SlowEmaPeriod - slow period for MACD, preferably 1-30;
  • SignalSmaPeriod - signal period for MACD, preferably 1-15;
  • Open_Level - MACD filter line, preferably 1-10;
  • Close_Level - MACD filter line, preferably 1-10;
  • multiplierTP - the coefficient increases or decreases the amount of take profit, preferably 0.1 to 5;
  • multiplierSL - the coefficient increases or decreases the value of the stop-loss, preferably 0.1 to 5;
  • MagicNumber - a magic number, an integer constant, used to uniquely identify orders; 

The whole picture of the logical actions of the EA and the main parameters of work can be observed in the Information panel in the deposit currency (screenshot).

Risk Manager controls account number (screenshot). Advisor does not work on other accounts, except for that, which is registered in NumberAccount.

For multicurrency trading, connect the expert to a new window of another currency pair with a change in the number of MagicNumber and input parameters for this currency pair.

The screenshots show the work of only one EA. In the multicurrency option, the profit increases many times, according to the number of EA. 


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