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Pair Power Trading

This Expert Advisor is an One-click trading panel for multi pairs. It has the following functions:

  1. Display the power index of 28 currency pairs.
  2. Click OPEN button to open orders for the selected pairs.
  3. Click CLOSE button to close orders for the selected pairs.
  4. Click CLOSE button is to close the whole order ,instead of partial close. Close action has nothing to do with the number of lots.
  5. Set the input Magic to 0, the EA will help to close manual orders simultaneously.
  6. Set the input Magic to other EA's magic, the EA will help to close those orders opened by other EA simultaneously.
Regarding the currency power,please refer to the indicator Currency Relative Strength


  1. Select pairs as per the power index.
  2. Enter lots number for the selected pairs.
  3. In the power index, the positive is to open buy order,and the negative is to open sell order.
  4. Click OPEN to open an order for the selected pair.
  5. Click CLOSE  to close  the position for the selected pair.


  • Magic - The Magic Number of EA
  • MaxLots - The maximum lots. If the lots number is bigger than this MaxLots,the order lots will be the MaxLots.
  • StopLoss - StopLoss in Point
  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit in Point
  • TimeFrame - The Timeframe of the indicator Currency Relative Strength  ,the default is D1.
  • BarsToCalculate - The number of bars to calculate strength.
  • MaPeriodsToSmoothLines - The moving Average periods for smoothing strength lines.
  • Suffix - Symbol suffix
  • Alert Settings  --- The below is the alert setting
  • UpLevel - The default is 20, if the strength value cross the level from the below to the above,then send alert by popup window or email.
  • DnLevel -  The default is -20, if the strength value cross the level from the above to the below,then send alert by popup window or email.
  • IntervalMinutes - The default is 5 minutes, it is the time interval of alert for every pairs.
  • Popup -  true,alert by popup window.if false ,no alert.
  • Email  -  true,alert by email,if false,no alert.


1.  MaxLots: this input is to avoid the mistake when you enter a big number on the trading panel.

     If the entered lots number is larger than the MaxLots, the trade lots will be limited to the MaxLots.

    If the MaxLots is set to 0, there is no limitation.

2.  On the trading panel, if the entered lots number is negative,in this case, the trade direction will be reversed.

     Namely, we will reverse the trade direction of positive power index to sell order,and the negative power index to buy order.   

shuanger0602 2018.09.10 05:42 



Versión 2.10 2018.10.10
Add the alert function,if the strength value cross above the up level or cross below the dn level,then send popup alert or email.
The time interval of alert is 5 minutes in default.
Popup = false;
Email = false;