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InvestBankStrategy EA

InvestBankStrategy EA is a professional multicurrency tool for automatic scalping. The strategy is based on the roll-back from the most important support and resistance levels. Each trade is protected by a virtual stop loss. The EA features a smart adaptive algorithm controlling the slippage and spread expansion.


  • Timeframe: M1.
  • Money management: Before applying on a real account, I recommend that you carefully choose the lot size. Test the EA in various conditions.
  • I recommend using a VPS server with minimal network delays and an ECN broker with low spreads and small commissions.
  • The input parameters Magic Buy and Magic Sell should be different.


  • EA Comments - order comment.
  • GMT Offset (2 or 3) - time offset of your broker.
  • Magic Buy - magic number for buy orders.
  • Magic Sell - magic number for sell orders.
  • Maximum Spread Open - maximum allowable spread when opening an order.
  • Maximum Spread Close - maximum allowable spread when closing an order.
  • LOT TYPE - money management type:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot.
    • Lots For Balance - lot size based on balance.
    • Balance - balance.
    • Risk % - lot calculation based on the StopLoss value.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage in points.
  • Channel Size - size of the channels.
ilya_strekalovs 2018.09.03 15:54 

We will study. While I put three stars. A little later I'll take your estimate.

UPR 2018.09.02 05:49 

I was sceptic at the beginning because I found this EA very 'broker sensitive'. But if you aren't lazy and spend some time finding the right broker/VPS/settings, this EA can make you a nice profit. I like very short trades and very low risk, both are main attributes. Ignore the hypocrites! Thank you so much for the great work...The crux of this EA is the "Adaptive Money Management" along with very short half-life of the trade if people do not get it still. I've been on MQL for a while, and this is the only EA that I purchased. It is worth every penny..

AmaliaVlasova 2018.09.01 04:04 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Sebeto 2018.09.01 00:23 

First of all I want to say thank you Danil! I advise this product to buy. The seller quickly answered my question. It is immediately evident that a person makes a quality product. Maybe someday I'll learn how to write such a software, but for now I will trade your product Danil.